Four leaf clover cookies on a green plate 3 Ways To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day This Year
St Patrick’s Day is approaching in a few weeks! Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this year will definitely look different than years prior. There won’t be any bar crawls to plan, but it is still something fun you can celebrate at home with your family. Keep reading to find out 3 fun activities you and your […]

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During this social distancing period, cooking has definitely given many a creative outlet! Some of us are definitely not good cooks or very experienced cooks, but you can take these weeks at home to hone in on your culinary skills. While it is crucial right now to try to keep our bodies as healthy as […]

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This year celebrating Valentine’s Day at home will likely be the norm! We have come up with 3 fun ways to celebrate in your Glenwood apartment this year. Including your kids for a Valentine’s celebration can be a fun event for them to look forward to! Keep reading to find out more. Homemade Valentine’s Day […]

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With the Super Bowl just around the corner, we have found 3 great (and healthy) recipes for you to make for your family while watching the big game in your Glenwood apartment! Since viewing parties will be held with just those in your household this year, it is a good time to experiment with some […]

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With many kids still participating in online school, it is important to come up with creative at home activities to keep their minds busy! There are great kits that you can order online for different ages and interests! Keep reading to find out 3 fantastic options! Kiwi Co Kiwi Co’s slogan is “inspiring young innovators,” […]

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While the temperatures are still freezing outside, finding indoor activities for you and your family can be challenging. Cooking afternoon treats in our Glenwood kitchen has been a fun way to keep my family engaged together in something everyone can enjoy. We have listed 3 easy, delicious recipes for you to try out! Keep reading […]

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New York City has seen quite a bit of snow this year, and with that comes snow days, hot cocoa, and afternoons filled with sledding! Grab your mittens and boots as we slide down our list of the best sledding spots in Manhattan.

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With freezing temperatures in NYC - check out the best hot chocolate places in NYC right now.

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Great Ways To Give Back This Holiday Season
This holiday season has been difficult for all of us.  Not being able to visit family or keep up with traditions can wear on that holiday spirit. Giving back in any way you can is a great way to help spread holiday cheer! Below are a few different ways you can help out this time of […]