A mother and young son playing with a colorful wooden peg toy on floor 3 At Home Activity Kits For Kids
With many kids still participating in online school, it is important to come up with creative at home activities to keep their minds busy! There are great kits that you can order online for different ages and interests! Keep reading to find out 3 fantastic options! Kiwi Co Kiwi Co’s slogan is “inspiring young innovators,” […]

3 apple flower tarts on a black background with powdered sugar and half an apple 3 Easy, Cozy Winter Recipes
While the temperatures are still freezing outside, finding indoor activities for you and your family can be challenging. Cooking afternoon treats in our Glenwood kitchen has been a fun way to keep my family engaged together in something everyone can enjoy. We have listed 3 easy, delicious recipes for you to try out! Keep reading […]

3 sleds with children racing down the snow hill The Best Sledding in Manhattan
New York City has seen quite a bit of snow this year, and with that comes snow days, hot cocoa, and afternoons filled with sledding! Grab your mittens and boots as we slide down our list of the best sledding spots in Manhattan.

Hot coco with marshmallows, and a candy cane on a wood table with cinnamon sticks Warm Up With NYC’s Best Hot Chocolate
With freezing temperatures in NYC - check out the best hot chocolate places in NYC right now.

Christmas gingerbread cookies with cinnamon, pine cones, cedar branches with golden lights on rustic table Healthy Christmas Desserts
Many of us have found 2020 leaving us with ample extra time to try new recipes in the kitchen! So, this Christmas, why not experiment and make some of your most favorite holiday desserts a little healthier (without sacrificing their delicious taste of course!) Below we have found some great recipes for you to try […]

Great Ways To Give Back This Holiday Season
This holiday season has been difficult for all of us.  Not being able to visit family or keep up with traditions can wear on that holiday spirit. Giving back in any way you can is a great way to help spread holiday cheer! Below are a few different ways you can help out this time of […]

Movie clap board with a Santa hat on it and twinkling lights in the background New Christmas Movies 2020
The week leading up to Christmas is the perfect time to watch all of your favorite holiday movies- both old and new! With the recent snowstorm and the freezing temperatures outside, this week is a perfect time to hunker down and spend your nights cozied up with hot coco and a great Christmas movie. Who […]

Homemade traditional potato pancakes or latke Hanukkah celebration food with ingredients on vintage cutting board. Gray marble background. Top view Best Potato Latka Recipe
Its Hanukkah! One of the best parts of these 8 special nights is sitting with you family (or whoever is in your immediate household this year) and sharing quality time over potato latkes. While this year may mean that you cannot be with your parents or grandparents during the holiday, you can make our latka […]

Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lit up with buildings in the background Visit The Rockefeller Tree This Holiday Season
While your holiday season this year may look different, finding outdoor activities close to your Glenwood apartment for you and your family will help make lasting memories! Visiting the Rockefeller Tree this year is a fun, distanced activity that is enjoyable for all! If you saw pictures of the tree when it first arrived, you […]

woman drinking water from glass 7 Good Habits To Pick Up This Season
Start making good habits this fall so by the time New Years comes around you are ready for some new resolutions! Here are some simple lifestyle changes you can make to live better starting right away.