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About Glenwood

Glenwood Management is a private, multi-generational real estate developer, owner, and manager specializing in multifamily apartment rentals in New York City.

Glenwood is distinguished industry-wide for having consistently broken new ground as a pioneer in the high-end luxury apartment rental business.

The company was an early innovator in offering renters upscale amenities and finishes that are usually reserved for top tier Manhattan condos and co-op buildings. Glenwood was founded by father and son, Harry and Leonard Litwin. Harry and Leonard began their careers in the landscaping business, founding Woodbourne Cultural Nurseries in Melville, L.I., which still operates today. In the 1950s, they began building wood framed multi-family housing in Long Island and Queens, NY. Glenwood, incorporated in 1961, developed its first largescale project, Briar Hill, in Riverdale, NY. This development combined a suburban setting with a luxurious building that includes amenities such as an Olympic-size outdoor pool, snack bar, tennis courts, and playground. In 1962, Glenwood expanded its footprint to Manhattan with the development of the Pavilion. This building, comprised of over 800 apartments, spanned an entire city block with novel amenities including a grocery store, hair salon, shoe repair, as well as a maid and butler service and a private bus to local shopping and the Lexington Avenue subway station. Harry Litwin passed away during the construction of this project, and his son Leonard completed it. The grandeur of the Pavilion earned Leonard Litwin the key to New York City, awarded to him by Mayor John Lindsay. Following the success of the Pavilion, Glenwood expanded its portfolio of luxury rental buildings over the next four decades into Midtown, the West Side, and Downtown Manhattan. Glenwood was also first developer to build Downtown following 9/11 with 10 Liberty Street, highlighting Glenwood’s belief in New York City. This building, Liberty Plaza, was recognized by the National Registrar of Historical Places, which acknowledges the importance of specific properties to the history of our country.

Glenwood provides an exceptional degree of service, stressing attention to detail wherever high-end rental clients want to call home.

What one finds in a typical Glenwood building is impeccable landscaping, granite kitchens, marble bathrooms, stainless steel appliances, high ceilings, walk-in closets, children’s playrooms, fitness centers, pools, yoga studios, high end lounges, and roof top garden space as well as 24 hour doormen.

A great deal of importance is placed on building green.

Many of the organization’s newest offerings, such as Emerald Green, Crystal Green, Hawthorn Park and the Encore, are all built to LEED specifications. Glenwood buys “Green Power” energy. The electricity comes from nationally sourced wind RECs-Renewable Energy Credits. In addition, these buildings utilize a Demand Shifter, which is a power storage battery that is able to store electricity during off-peak hours and maintain a charge to use during high-demand hours. With the ability to power off the city grid, this Demand Shifter helps to protect New York City from a brown out or black out.

Glenwood places great emphasis on bettering its surrounding community.

Glenwood has been a long-time supporter of a variety of community-oriented organizations, such as Asphalt Green. Located on the Upper East Side, Asphalt Green is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting individuals of all ages and backgrounds to achieve health through a lifetime of sports and fitness. In 2015, Asphalt Green’s 20th annual charity swim meet “The Big Swim” honored Glenwood. The event raises money to fund free swimming programs for public school students. Glenwood also places great importance on the beautification of the neighborhoods it builds in, planting 150,000 tulip bulbs each year.

Other recipients of Glenwood’s support include the Central Park Conservancy, Lincoln Center, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and PS 158 Bayard Taylor School, as well as numerous medical facilities that include NYU Medical Center, Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Weill Cornell Medical Center, Lenox Hill Hospital, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Northwell Health.

Glenwood has a commitment to making New York City a better place.

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