Glenwood’s Emphasis On Being Environmentally Green

Green lush planting and tulips around the front of a Glenwood building

Glenwood’s Environmental Focus

Glenwood places an emphasis on being conscious of the environment we build in- whether that is implementing new green technology or planting green around our buildings. Our latest Green endeavor has been installing CarbonQuest’s revolutionary carbon capture technology that is designed to prevent up to 5,000 tons of total emissions per year at The Grand Tier and is actively installing the system across 5 more buildings, The Fairmont, The Bristol, The Paramount Tower, The Barclay, and The Somerset- 2.5 million square feet of residential space.

beautiful green landscape, trees, and flowers in front of Glenwood's Stratford building
Glenwood’s The Stratford 1385 York Ave

Green Building Emphasis

Many of the organization’s newest offerings, such as Emerald Green, Crystal Green, Hawthorn Park and the Encore, are built to LEED specifications. Glenwood buys “Green Power” energy, the electricity comes from nationally sourced wind RECs-Renewable Energy Credits. In addition, these buildings utilize a Demand Shifter, which is a power storage battery that is able to store electricity during off-peak hours and maintain a charge to use during high-demand hours. With the ability to power off the city grid, this Demand Shifter helps to protect New York City from a brown out or black out. Additionally, many Glenwood building garages have charging stations for electric cars. 

Close up of bulbs being planted in the ground at Glenwood buildings
Bulbs being planted at Glenwood buildings

Planting Green

Every year, Glenwood plants over 120,000 tulip bulbs! Glenwood strives to make a commitment to be green inside and outside our properties! This spring, take a walk past our Glenwood buildings and you will be sure to see all the hard work and dedication to making our neighborhoods beautiful each spring!

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