5 Tips To Make Your Apartment Feel Larger

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Living in an apartment in NYC can often feel a bit tight, especially if you have recently moved from the suburbs or have a growing family! But, don’t worry! There are some easy, great tricks to help create a larger and more open feel to your apartment. Whether you live uptown or downtown, these tips can change the atmosphere of your entire apartment. Check out Glenwood’s tips on how to create the feel of a larger space below!

Hang Art Or Shelves High

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If you have art throughout your Glenwood apartment, the key is to try to draw your eye up vertically. So, try to hang art an inch or two higher than you normally would to create the illusion of taller walls. It is an easy trick to create the appearance of higher ceilings! This trick also works with shelves if you have floating shelves in your apartment, simply start them an inch or two higher than you normally would. This is an easy trick that anyone can do! Similarly, if you are hanging two pieces of art on top of each other, if one has lighter colors in it hang it above the darker colored piece of art. It will help to draw your eye up the wall instead of down.

Paint The Walls Light Colors

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If you are trying to visually open up your apartment to create the illusion of more space, try painting your apartment walls a light color. Light paint colors like shades of white, cream, light grey, or light blue will all open up a space. Think about dens, often people paint them darker colors like navy or hunter green to make the space feel cozier, so if you want to open up a space, do the opposite! Additionally, keep the same color on the walls in the entrance and immediate spaces. So, if your entry flows into your living and dining area, try to keep the walls all one color. If you paint small, neighboring spaces two different colors, you visually chop up the areas instead of creating a visually flowing space. Be sure to check with your building’s management office before you paint the walls to check their policy! Glenwood apartment’s must be returned in the same condition as originally presented to a tenet.

Use Area Rugs

If your apartment has the living and dining area in the same, smaller space, there are ways to make the two areas feel more independent and large. Try an area rug! If you put an area rug in your living room area, under your couch and coffee table for example, you create a distinctive, separate space from your dining table that may be situated a few feet away. Area rugs are great for separating spaces in an apartment. If you live in a studio apartment, you should definitely make use out of this great trick! You can create a bedroom area too by putting an additional area rug under your bed if you do live in a studio apartment.
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Use Furniture With Storage

A great trick to opening up a smaller apartment space is to use furniture with built in storage. This way, you don’t need extra dressers or things laying around to clutter your space. In your bedroom, try a bed frame with drawers built in! If you don’t love the look of shelves in the bed frame, you can choose a bed that has drawers on one side or that masks the appearance of the drawers altogether. Also in your bedroom, try to find nightstands with deeper, numerous drawers. In your living room, a coffee table with storage is great for throw blankets, magazines, and books! It can help declutter your space instantaneously! Small ottomans with storage are also great in the living room. Not only for storage purposes, but they don’t take up much space and can be used for guest seating or as your footrest depending on how many people you are having over.

Try To Use Mirrors

Mirror used in apartment living room that is half circle shaped, the design is modern earthy
Mirrors are a great way to create the illusion of a bigger space! Either hanging a mirror on a wall as décor or placing a large standing mirror in an entry or living room area can immediately open up an area. You can find so many different, great mirrors to match your design aesthetic online or in home good stores. The key is to place the mirror somewhere that you enjoy what it is reflecting. You don’t want to place a mirror somewhere that emphasizes the messy book shelves that you never sort through! So, just be mindful of what you want the mirror to reflect! Do you have tips for decorating your apartment? Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and let us know!

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