Tips For Moving On Short Notice

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Sometimes circumstances necessitate a fast move that can take you out of your comfort zone. There are a number of things you can do to prepare for a quick getaway. It’s a good time to pare down, and get items out of your life that you no longer need to carry from place to place. Just because time is of the essence, does not mean that the move has to be done in a haphazard way. Everything should be well labeled so that you have a system in place to ensure the packing and unpacking goes relatively easily. Professional help can be lined up, and there are always those friends that you can count on. Below, we’ve rounded up our top tips for moving on short notice.

Step #1: Make Reservations

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Assuming you have the move-in date set for your new place, don’t waste a second making reservations for your move. Whether this comes in the form of hiring movers to do the whole thing, renting a U-Haul to do it yourself, or calling in a favor from a friend with a truck, figure out which method best suits your life circumstances and secure the date now. Especially during the summer, you’ll have a lot of people who are also in the same camp as you, and the last thing you want to find out if you wait until the last minute is that there’ss no availability. This will only leave you scrambling for another option, but also paying much higher than you would have earlier in the process. (However, don’t let that summer is a busy time deter you from moving. Here’s 5 reasons to move during the summer!)

Step #2: Write A List Of The Major Things To Keep, Sell, Or Donate

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Obviously, you’re in a time crunch here so we’re not talking about going through your closet item by item and holding them up to see what sparks joy. Instead, we’re talking more big-ticket items, such as furniture, rugs, and appliances. Ask yourself questions such as:

–Am I downsizing of upsizing?

–Will the California King bed fit into my new bedroom?

–Does my new apartment come fully furnished with all major appliances, or will I be expected to get my own (such is the case sometimes for apartments in smaller buildings with washer/dryer hookups.)

Next, make a list of all the big pieces that make the cut, as well as ones that you will have no need for in your next home. For example, if you’re moving into a NYC apartment with less living room space than your current home in the suburbs, there’ss a good chance the wrap-around sofa sectional won’t be the best use of space. Figure out if you want to donate it to a charity that accepts used furniture (such as the Salvation Army or Housing Works), or if it’s in good enough condition to take the time to photograph it, post it on a site such as Craigslist or LetGo, and coordinate details to sell it.

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Step #3: Stock Up With Packing Gear

Now that you have all the details of the move squared away and are left with only the items which will come with you on your move, it’s time to load up on packing gear. Boxes can be gathered from local stores for free, such as your local wine shop, but again, if you’re in a real rush the most time effective thing to do is to use a store such as The Container Store to secure all your boxes, bubble wrap, containers, tape, and markers. You can purchase the items right from their website and have them deliver it straight to your NYC home for same day delivery, how easy is that?! Glenwood residents can all benefit from this, whether you’re moving from The Bristol in Midtown East or The Encore on the Westside.

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Step #4: Pack With A Method

Finally, the day has come to pack! Here’s a little tip though: it takes just as much time to pack in a messy rush as it does an organized one. So, rather than throwing items haphazardly into boxes, take the time to put a method into place. Packing room by room and clearly labeling each box is one easy way to do this. Trust us, your future self will thank you once you get into your new home!

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Step #5: Organize A Cleaning Service

Assuming you don’t have the time (or energy, at this point) to spend a solid half a day cleaning your apartment once all the boxes are gone, consider hiring a maid service to come in to do the dirty work for you. While hiring a cleaning service does cost money, it’s absolutely worth shelling out a little in order to get your security deposit back on your apartment! And while you’re at it, it could be totally worth having a cleaning service do a move-in scrub for your new home, too. Starting out on a clean slate after a stressful move is worth its weight in gold.

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