5 Reasons To Move During The Summer

Who wants to slip in the snow while hauling a bookcase out from your apartment? The summer months make it so much easier to relocate. A move is daunting enough without having the outside elements get into the mix. All in all, for many reasons, a summer move is the desired time to relocate in the city. Below are the top five reasons to get to packing this season!

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The Weather Will Not Disappoint

First and foremost, NYC weather is always the most dependable in these warm summer months. Winter in NYC is icy, freezing, and down-right dreary, and as much as we love to sing the praises of fall and spring, there’ss a good chance you’ll still be getting a cold, damp, and rainy day if you try to move during one of those seasons. Summer, however, is absolutely the bee’s knees in NYC. Whether you’re moving yourself or hiring help, you’ll be thankful not to have to deal with Mother Nature.

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The Kids Are Out Of School

While this won’t apply to everyone, if you do have children, you know how huge this is! Juggling school drop-offs and pick-ups and after school activities and homework is exhausting as it is, so try adding “packing and moving” onto the list. It’s enough to drive any parent a little batty!

Instead of letting unnecessary stress build up, plan your move to happen when the kids are out of school for the summer season. Not only will you have little helpers to help you sort and pack their rooms, but it’s so much less of a scheduling headache than trying to wiggle the timing around school commitments and activities.

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Summer Is A Great Time For A “Garage” Sale

Obviously, if you’re moving from one NYC spot to another, there won’t be much of a “garage” to host the sale in, but there’ss plenty of other ways to go about it! From free options such as listing your items on Craigslist and utilizing apps such as LetGo, to options where you pay a small fee but can reach a really wide audience, such as Ebay, there’ss certainly no shortage of ways to get rid of your unwanted goods and make a pretty penny at the same time!

And why is this especially a great thing to do during the summer months? Well, for starters, kids are getting ready to go away to college, and are always looking for gently used furniture and household gear to outfit a new dorm or apartment. And on the other end of that spectrum, tons of recent college graduates move into the city every summer for their first post-collegiate jobs, and also need budget-friendly items to outfit a new apartment.

All the money that you earn from selling unwanted goods can go straight to off-setting the cost of the move, and you can also feel good knowing that the items will be useful to someone else instead of ending up in a landfill.

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It’s Easier To Schedule The Move With Time Off Work

Many companies in NYC offer “summer Fridays”, where most of the office is either shut down or works from home on Fridays for all or half of the day. Pair that with summer holidays (Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day), and you have quite a lot of three day weekends that allow you time to plan, sell, donate, pack, and finally move!

Why use your precious vacation days other times of the year for prepping for a move if you can easily fit it into the flexible schedule that summer in NYC offers?

You Can Appreciate Your New Neighborhood Sooner

Once you are moved and settled, you can now move on to the best part: discovering your new Glenwood neighborhood! And honestly, NYC in the summertime is the very best time to do that. No matter if you are moving into a new place on the Upper East Side or Downtown, there are countless restaurants, cafes, museums, and events to keep you busy during these beautiful summer months!

Also, be sure to check out our week-by-week moving timeline guide, so you don’t overlook any important details!

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