Aerial view of lower Manhattan New York City Uptown NYC vs Downtown NYC
One of the most common questions someone has when moving to Manhattan for the first time is should I live uptown or downtown. The two neighborhoods definitely have their distinct differences, and depending upon what you are looking to get out of your NYC life, you will find either uptown or downtown living suits you […]

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Moving can be difficult, especially when the decision to pack up comes on short notice. Use these tips to make your move a breeze, even if you don't have a lot of time to spare!

A diffuser and succulent plant in a bedroom Secrets to A Serene Apartment
  Living in NYC, we all know how chaotic our lives are, especially now! Your apartment can be your sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of New York City. This January, make an effort to create the perfect space for you! There are some great tricks and tips to be able to achieve the ultimate […]

Summer Guide To Outdoor Movies In NYC
Summer is the perfect season to watch a movie outdoors. But where is that even possible in New York City? Rooftops, Parks, Restaurants, a boat... just to name a few. Check out our complete list of top places to enjoy a flick in the great outdoors.

gym workouts, women working out in gym The Best Upper West Side Spin Studios
Promising to leave you soaked in sweat, your heart rate up, and your cardio goal for the week reached, spin your heart out with the top 5 spin studios on the Upper West Side!

5 Picnic Pairings on the Upper West Side!
Now is the time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors! Pick up your picnic basket from one of these restaurants and head to NYC's parks to welcome warm autumn days with these 5 picnic pairings!

Student Tips For Moving To NYC For The First Time
When you first move to New York City, maneuvering yourself around is a bit difficult for the first few months. Here are few tips to follow before you pack up your bags and go!

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Sip the day away with sweet whites and rich reds from wineries around the world, right here in New York City! From Italian to French flare, these 5 wonderful wine bars on the Upper West Side have a glass waiting for you.

5 Upper West Side Boozy Brunch Spots
Brunch is the most sought after meal of the day. But Boozy Brunches have become all the rage. Weekends are just not the same without going out on a sunday morning with friends to get a little buzz on while shoving your face with Nutella stuffed french toast. Here are 5 boozy brunch spots in the Upper West Side to start your day off right!

5 Places To Sail Off Into The Sunset In NYC
New Yorkers, we all know finding the time to escape your busy lifestyle can sometimes be an issue. With a wide variety of time schedules and endless lists of instructors, sailing around NYC could not be any more easier. Get your feet wet Skipper and check out any of these top 5 spots to set sail.