Secrets to A Serene Apartment

A diffuser and succulent plant in a bedroom


Living in NYC, we all know how chaotic our lives are, especially now! Your apartment can be your sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of New York City. This January, make an effort to create the perfect space for you! There are some great tricks and tips to be able to achieve the ultimate zen ambience in your home! Read below to see what we suggest to ensure you come home to your Glenwood apartment and feel that you have a space that is calming and stress free.


A bushel of dried lavender



Scent is very important for creating a relaxing environment. Specific fragrances such as lavender, vanilla, and sandalwood have all been proven to promote calming effects in your nervous system when inhaled. After a long day of work or kids, who doesn’t want to be greeted by a nice aroma! Place an aromatic diffuser wherever you unwind at home. A diffuser is a great way to avoid the hazards that come with using a candle—additionally, many candle brands have diffusers so if you have a scent you love, make sure to check if it comes as a diffuser too. You can also purchase essential oils and place a few drops in your humidifier, which will give your entire apartment or room a wonderful fragrance. You can even check out some places like Olfactory NYC, close to Glenwood’s downtown buildings, where you can customize your own scent to create calming fragrances that come in body wash and sprays.



A table with a laptop, iPhone, computer, headphones and coffee

Electronic Free Bedroom

Electronics have become an integral part of everyday life. But, when you are home it is nice to have one space that is designated for electronic free relaxation—that’s right, no tv, computer, or cell phone! Seems extreme, but it is worth a try! You might end up enjoying it. If you choose your bedroom to be this electronic free zone, you may find an extra perk!  While you will feel relaxed in any room you choose from not being constantly bombarded by texts, news updates, or television shows, if you implement this in your bedroom you likely will get a better nights rest! The blue light that emanates from your computer and phone screens makes it very difficult to fall asleep at night. Having your bedroom be a place of rest and calmness is sure to help unplugging from a busy work day.




Paint and fabric color swatches

Interior Decor Color Schemes

How you decorate your apartment is a very personal decision! Certain color schemes can promote a soothing, relaxing environment. Stick with neutrals, grey, blue, white, creams for the large areas such as your bedroom and living room to help achieve a tranquil space. Your couches, rugs, and curtains in neutral tones can all help promote a calm space. Your apartment doesn’t need to be all neutral tones though, be sure to add those fun pops of color for your accent pieces like a throw blanket, a coffee table book, pillow or vase! You can even switch up your accent colors by seasons! For summer bright colors like orange or turquoise are great while in winter maybe a black or emerald green!

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Returning home, it is always nice to be met by a tidy apartment! But, we all know that is not an easy task. If you create your own organizational system for your home, it is a lot easier to keep everything in order. Here are some of our tips for creating at home ease with organizing! In your closet or living room, using storage boxes that can come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and patterns is a great way to start making sure your shelves and closet spaces are tidy! You can tuck away your books, kids toys, and items like gloves or hats! The Container Store located on Lexington Avenue between 58th and 59th and Rainbow located at 1st Avenue between 75th and 76th Street, which is very convenient for many of the Upper East Side Glenwood buildings like The Pavilion, The Somerset, The Lucerne,  and The Stratford, are great places to find organizational items for your home! For the kitchen, using clear containers for snacks, cereal, sugar, baking powder and more is a great way to see what you have and what you need to restock! You can buy fun labels to personalize them too.


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