The Best Upper West Side Spin Studios

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With boutique fitness classes popping up all over the city, picking the class that’s right for you can feel a bit like a workout on its own. If you’re looking for the most calorie burn for your buck, a spin class is your best bet. Promising to leave you soaked in sweat, your heart rate will be up and cardio goal for the week reached. Below are 5 spots on the Upper West Side ideal for getting your spin on!

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Neighborhood – The West Side

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For Tracking Your Progress: Flywheel Sports

Flywheel Sports is the ideal cycling studio for people who thrive on tracking their progress in real time.

Metrics right on your bike will keep track of your personal performance. For folks who like the extra challenge of competing against fellow riders, you can choose to have your performance show up on the studio scoreboard!

We love that tracking your numbers over several weeks of workouts is a surefire way to maintain motivation, see a change in your body, and improve overall health. You can’t measure what you don’t track, after all!

Another perk at Flywheel? They provide complimentary shoes, towels, and lockers, meaning you don’t need to lug a lot of extras with you to the studio. You can try your first class for $15, and after that a single class goes for $34.

Upper West Side Locations:

470 Columbus Avenue, 2nd Floor and 140 Amsterdam Avenue

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Photo Credit: SoulCycle Facebook

For The Best Prices: Upper West Side Cycling

The Upper West Side Cycling studio has been offering classes for the last 25 years, and as we all know, there’s power in companies with longevity in Manhattan! A huge attraction of this space is the rates… You can try your first class for only $5, and after that it’s $18 per class, and even steeper discounts offered for buying a package!

Upper West Side Location: 2744 Broadway, 2nd Floor

An exterior view of an Equinox location in New York City with a black sign hanging on a stone building near a bridge.
Photo Credit: Equinox Facebook

For Cycling + An Entire Gym High-End Membership: Equinox

Here’s a little secret: I used to belong to Equinox, and the instructors that teach classes there are the same ones who teach at the smaller boutique studios (I asked, they spilled the beans!)

Meaning, if you really enjoy spinning as well as other types of workouts, it’s easier on your wallet to join a gym with a solid spinning program already in place!

Here are a few benefits of Equinox:

  • Sign up in advance to reserve your bike
  • Wear your regular sneakers to ride here – no need to borrow or buy special spin shoes
  • Monthly gym memberships include unlimited spinning classes (plus all other classes)

Memberships range from $180 to $250 (depending on which location you belong to, or if you have global access to all the locations.)

Upper West Side Locations:

Equinox Sports Club/160 Columbus Avenue

West 76th Street/344 Amsterdam Avenue

West 92nd Street/2465 Broadway

Bright yellow stationary bikes in a spin class room at SoulCycle.
Photo Credit: SoulCycle Facebook

For The Cult Following: SoulCycle

Chances are if you’ve done any kind of research whatsoever into the art of spinning in NYC, SoulCycle popped up first on your radar. Their classes are geared towards both a physical and mental workout, including climbs, jogs, sprints, and dances – all without leaving your bike.

As with any cult following, people here get really into it, so if you’re an absolute beginner, consider their Soul 101 workshop class. This teaches you the basics such as the moves, clipping in and out of your bike, and the overall “SoulCycle method.”

Your first class will be $20, and after that it’s $34. For your first class, you get a free shoe rental, but after that it’s $3 a pop.

Upper West Side Locations:

West 60th Street/21 West End Avenue

West 77th Street/350 Amsterdam Avenue

West 92nd Street/2465 Broadway

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For Cycling + An Entire Gym Medium-End Membership: Crunch

Just like Equinox, Crunch is a great option if you want the entire gym membership, including cycling classes. The classes here get pretty specific, ranging from regular cycling classes to yogi rides to karaoke rides!

And with monthly memberships starting at $102.99, you’re basically getting unlimited cycling for what you would pay for 3 classes at other studios.

Bonus: you can try it out for free by signing up here!

Upper West Side Location: 162 West 83rd Street

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