5 Upper West Side Boozy Brunch Spots

Photo Credit: https://www.thrillist.com
Photo Credit: https://www.thrillist.com

As any New Yorker will tell you, brunch is somewhat of a NYC institution. In fact, we don’t just use the word to describe a meal between breakfast and lunch, but rather as a verb: “Where are we brunching this weekend?” We, my friends, have you covered on that one! Below is a roundup of 5 boozy brunches for you to enjoy on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Mimosa refill, anyone?

Calle Ocho

If you’re a fan of sangria (and food with a Latin vibe), this is your spot! While you pay per item for food, your brunch includes unlimited sangria during the course of your meal. And we’re not just talking the boring varieties of “red” vs. “white” sangria, oh, no. Calle Ocho has eight different sangria flavors, ranging from Havana Banana (think Coconut Rum, Crème de Banana, Coconut, Lychees) to the Spanish Harlem (a mix of Dark Rum, Cinnamon, Peach, Mandarins). Is it Sunday yet?

Arte Cafe

While the Arte Cafe doesn’t have an all inclusive deal, it does offer great deals on pitchers of your breakfast drink of choice: bellini, mimosa, and sangria carafes go for $18, Bloody Mary’s or Screwdrivers $20, or a bottle of champagne $18…which, as us New Yorkers know all too well, is typically what ONE drink at a trendy restaurant goes for these days! The menu offers your standard breakfast fare (eggs and french toast, anyone?), or if you’re feeling in the mood for Italian, there’s plenty of that to choose from, as well. And a bonus for nice weather brunching? There’s outdoor seating!

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The boozy brunch deal at Regional goes like so: buy a meal and one beverage, and all refills of said beverage are on them! This may just be one of the best deals yet, as meals range around $12 (for a pizza, pasta dish, or typical breakfast fare), and Bloody’s and mimosas go for $8…so that’s $20, all in! We’ll take it!

Bistro Ten 18

So you said you want all inclusive? Bistro Ten 18 heard you loud and clear! They offer their weekend brunch with unlimited Bloody’s and mimosas (plus food) for $22.50. Now, this doesn’t apply to everything on the menu, but there’s enough choices to pick from that go with the deal. If a fresh, local, American bistro is what you’re craving, this is the spot.

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Amity Hall

Saving the best for last? Well, if you’re a fan of Nutella stuffed french toast like I am, then yes, this is the spot you want to go to! Amity Hall offers an unlimited brunch with Bloody’s and mimosas and delicious dishes for $29.95. Now if only they’d make the Nutella french toast unlimited!

Where’s your favorite spot to have a boozy brunch on the UWS? Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook and let us know!

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