Restaurant of the Month: The Ribbon

Inside of The Ribbon restaurant in Upper West Side
Photo: courtesy The Ribbon

It’s no question New York City is the destination for exquisite dining. The abundance of restaurants, cafes, and pubs (some of which share the same cuisine) that line the streets makes it difficult for a foodie to choose just one. Luckily, our new “Restaurant of the Monnth” category will help you avoid this obstacle. For March, we explored the underrated food scene of the Upper West Side and fell under the spell of The Ribbon! Read why we loved this restaurant, and visit it on your next brunch, lunch, or dinner to understand why it’s ‘the epitome of Upper West Side dining’.

The Ribbon is the first restaurant from the Blue Ribbon chain on 72nd Street, just West of Central Park. Founders Bruce and Eric Bromberg created the boundless modern neighborhood restaurant in order to provide a genuine dining experience. It’s the ideal place for a date, hanging out with friends, having a good bite while watching the game, and basically any other activity. Everyone is welcome at this upscale, spacious venue with an industrial décor.

There’s plenty of substance at The Ribbon to guarantee a very fun outing. You’ll receive nothing less than five-star service. The menu is full of superb dishes suited to all preferences, including spit-roasted meats, seafood as well as Blue Ribbon classics. Not to forget, each item is prepared with enough of a twist to make it unique. So, none of your friends or family will have a reason to complain, and you can have a memorable meal in a pleasant environment with a marvelous spirits selection. In case you’re overwhelmed with the choices, here are our top five platters:

Deviled Eggs starter at The Ribbon in NYC
Photo: courtesy Caviar

Deviled Eggs

A divine starter, no doubt! You can choose one or all three of the following varieties: Fried Oysters with Pickled Jalapenos, Smoked Salmon With Trout Roe, and Pickled Peppers with Olive Oil Mayo. Personally, the first option trumps all!

Beet and Goat Cheese Salad at The Ribbon in NYC
Photo: courtesy Caviar

Beet and Goat Cheese Salad

We all need room for a little green in our diet, and like many others, we found this salad to be the tastiest choice. You’ll detect a satisfying sweet and salty taste while munching on watercress, endives, oranges, and candied walnuts.

The Ox Burger at The Ribbon in NYC
Photo: courtesy Caviar

The Ox Burger

It’s not American cuisine without a burger. Savor this gigantic burger, covered in oxtail marmalade, and topped with a poached egg atop challah toast. Don’t be shocked when you get stars in your eyes, and end up having beautiful dreams of the burger in monster size.

Vegetable Risotto stove platter at The Ribbon in NYC
Photo: courtesy Caviar

Vegetable Risotto

To those enamored with Italian cuisine and lacking some vegetables in their diet, voila! Italian, creamy rice, and vegetables. Need we say more? Resist the urge to “mmmm;” no one likes a noisy eater.

Spit-roasted Half-Amish Chicken at The Ribbon in NYC
Photo: courtesy Caviar

Half Amish Chicken

Exceedingly juicy, simple chicken dish topped with mustard, Riesling white grape, and all the garlic imaginable. It’d a crime to order this just once!

Private Dinning or Events

Try out the array of private dining options if you’re yearning for a homelike setting. The Private Dining Room is known to have one of the best round tables in all of Manhattan, is available for lunch and dinner Monday through Sunday, and fits most group sizes – from a small gathering of ten people, to a cocktail party for 200 across the whole restaurant. You’ll easily spot an old rock ‘n roll jukebox, TVs at the bar that don’t clash with your dining experience, antique chandeliers, and a splendid mixture of brown liquor. See the link above for details on the four offered rooms (Arnold’s Whisky Room, Dining Room East, Main Dining Room, and Bar Room & Dining Room) then reserve the one tailored to your preferences and party size.

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