JBird Cocktails on Upper East Side Named Best Uptown Bar

The bar at JBird prepares classing and advantageous cocktails.

Upper Manhattanites: your Upper East Side neighborhood cocktail bar just got a HUGE upgrade. At the end of January, JBird Cocktails relocated up here from a “secret” spot in Midtown, bringing serious cocktail culture to a seemingly random stretch of 75th Street. Why did the Upper East Side get so lucky? The motivation, turns out, is partially selfish: JBird co-owner Jamie Hinojos told us last night that he lives right across the street, and really wanted to have a place to hang out and drink something interesting and good without having to always head downtown. So: done, and done.

JBird bar co-owner Jamie Hinojos at the uptown bar.

JBird Cocktails Drinks Menu: From Classic to Adventurous

Serving fun, sophisticated, but not insultingly-priced drinks–hall-of-famers Jason Littrell (of Death & Company) and Marshall Altier (of 1534) consulted on the extensive, intelligent cocktail menu — JBird Cocktails has already won over both the locals (weekends are particularly lively) and the critics, having just been named “Best Uptown Bar” by New York Magazine AND landing a coveted slot on the Eater Cocktail Heat Map: Where to Drink Now. And no wonder: the cocktail menu at JBird Cocktails will keep even the most timid of drinkers busy for awhile, and for you more adventurous folks, well… it’ll take many nights to get a taste of everything this place has to offer, from a half-dozen Old-Fashioneds (defined as “spirit, sweet,  and a dash of bitter, stirred and served over hand-cut ice”)  to Swizzles, Juleps, and Fixes (“frost cold mixes as old in any in the Americas”) to “spirit-on-spirit” Aromatized Cocktails.

Flying Pigs Farm Pork Sliders with cider slaw and runny mini fried-egg at JBird Bar.

JBird Food Menu: The Best Bar Food to Accompany Your Drinks

The booze gets a lot of the love here at JBird Cocktails, but we must say that the kitchen is no slouch either. The JBird food menu–snacks, salads, sandwiches, entrees–is short but well thought-out and totally appealing. Call it high-end, locally-sourced bar food, all reasonably priced. We tried a couple of things last night, and came away happy and satisfied for about twenty bucks. The trio of Flying Pigs Farm Pork Sliders, for example, were rich and juicy, the sweet meat smartly served with crunchy cider slaw and topped by a runny mini fried-egg. And the Crispy Calamari Salad was a winner as well… nothing revelatory, maybe, but a generous portion, lightly-dressed, and with the (overly-?) breaded squid nicely balanced by fennel, frisee, and tangy citrus slices. Well done, all around, JBird Cocktails.

Crispy Calamari Salad at JBird bar in Uptown NYC.

JBird Cocktails: Location and Hours

JBird Cocktails is located near The Fairmont on 75th Street between 2nd and 1st Avenues, and is open on Monday through Wednesday from 5:30 p.m. to 2:00 a.m., and on Thursday through Saturday until 4:00 a.m. Sunday brunch is coming soon. For more information and, especially, for a look at both the JBird food and the JBird cocktail menu, please see their website, here. JBird is one of numerous great restaurants that Glenwood residents enjoy!

Long table set at JBird Cocktails bar on Upper East Side Manhattan.

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