The Great Xi’an Famous Foods – Now on The Upper East Side!

Xi’an Famous Foods first became, um, famous back in the mid aughts, with the original tiny stall in Flushing’s Golden Shopping Mall. Next came another, even smaller, storefront in Manhattan’s Chinatown. The more and more shops began opening up on the Upper East and Upper West Sides, Midtown East and West, as well as two in Brooklyn, in East Williamsburg and Greenpoint. Question is, has this rapid expansion effected the quality of the food, or is Xi’an Famous still one of the best cheap eats spots in all of NYC?

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Whitney Museum set to Open on Mondays for Koons Retrospective

Way to go out with a bang, Upper East Side Whitney. For its final exhibition in the iconic, modernist Madison Avenue building that's been its home since 1966, the Whitney gives us a true blockbuster, filling nearly the entire space with one of the most crowd-pleasing, successful and, perhaps for those very reasons, polarizing American artists of his generation, Jeff Koons. This is Koons's first-ever retrospective in New York City, it's the first time (and, by default, also the last) the Whitney has ever given over all of its galleries to a single artist.

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ABV Wine Bar NYC: Pouring Itself Into the Upper East Side Restaurant Scene

Last year chef Corey Cova came out of nowhere and, along with owners Michael Cesari and Adam Clark, opened Earl's Beer and Cheese, somehow sneaking some good, interesting beer, a menu of creative, first-rate food, AND not a little bit of cool into a neighborhood that could definitely use more of all three, right there along the border between Lower East Harlem and the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The crammed Earl's Beer and Cheese is still always, um, crammed, so this year Cova and Cesari have given the community even more to enjoy, with the convivial, comparatively palatial ABV "Wine Food Bar".   

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Upper West Side Restaurant AG Kitchen is a Huge Win for Alex Garcia

Chef Gracia's Samba Roast Chicken signature dish at AG Kitchen.

Give Chef-owner Alex Garcia a lot of credit for AG Kitchen, a Latin-seasoned comfort-food spot, just opened on the Upper West Side: with a crowd-pleasing menu–burgers! tacos! cheese bread! ice cream sundaes!–and extremely reasonable prices, he and his crew could have phoned this baby in (Garcia already runs nearby Calle Ocho), and the neighborhood probably would have bought it anyway. Instead, AG Kitchen did the right thing, put a lot of love and energy into this whole project, and, based on one feast-y meal we devoured last week, is serving some truly first-rate food. 

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