Best Upper West Side Restaurants: Eating on the West Side NYC

There are a ton of options for dining in NYC. We all know that much. How do you find that place that you know will be enjoyable? Truth is, you can never be absolutely sure. That’s why we’re here to at least give you our top picks. This time around we’ll be highlighting our favorites on the West Side of Manhattan.

Restaurants on the Upper West Side NYC: Salumeria Rosi

This is one Upper West Side restaurant where you’ll want to order the entire menu. We know that we certainly wanted to on our first visit to Salumeria Rosi. We found out that a small plate or two is completely satisfying and contains more than enough food to satiate. All the more reason to keep coming back to one of the best restaurants in NYC… to try even more!

entrance of salumeria rosi

Try These Dishes from Salumeria Rosi

·         Poached Egg in Parmesan Chicken Broth with Prociutto soup

·         Tripe & Tomato stew

·         Cipoline in Agrodolce

·         Finocchiona salami

·         Parmacotto

Best Upper West Side Restaurants: Fatty Crab Upper West Side

Fatty Crab on the Upper West Side at first does not seem like it would fit in. There is already a Fatty Crab in the West Village, anyways. But does Fatty Crab work on the upper west side? It sure does! The food is just as amazing as having a downtown apartment and equally as good as its downtown counterpart.

entrace to fatty crab on upper west side

We Recommend These at Fatty Crab on the Upper West Side

·         Watermelon Pickle and Crispy Pork salad

·         Fatty Crab fried Heritage Chicken

·         Too many more to list!

The Best Burger in NYC? Shake Shack

It’s a bold statement, yes. But it’s definitely one we are willing to stand by. As far as the best restaurants in NYC, you are not going to find a better burger than at Shake Shack. And if you have found one, let us know! We want to try it! This Upper West Side restaurant is only one of a handful of Shake Shack locations in New York.  “Really, until you’ve dined at the Shake Shack, Upper West Side, it’s hard to really have a serious conversation about the best burgers in New York City.”

entrance to shack shack upper west side

Upper West Side NYC Burgers & Fries: Five Napkin Burger

Five Napkin Burger is a popular choice of restaurant on the upper west side. This is what we’d call “upscale diner,” but it begs the question: Is it worth all of the hype? Our answer is yes. Is it a burger from Shake Shack? No, but the food is definitely more than solid. Five Napkin offers eight varieties of burgers but they also have other options such as artichoke and spinach dip, salads, mac n’ cheese and strangely enough, sushi. We would definitely recommend trying their dessert menu as well!

entrance to five napkin burger

Schnipper’s: a Delicious West Side NYC Restaurant

Schnipper’s NYC Location on 23rd Street offers a ton of comfort food. It may not be the most subtle food, but it definitely satisfies.

entrance to schnipper's

At Schnipper’s Try These

·         Sloppy Joe

·         Mac ‘n Cheese

·         Anything with “Schnipper sauce”

So we’ve shared with you our top picks of the best upper west side restaurants, what are your picks?


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