Restaurants on the Upper East Side: The Best Restaurants in NYC

Top Picks for Dining on the Upper East Side We all know just how difficult it can be to find that special spot in New York City that keeps you coming back time and time again. We’ve been lucky enough to find many spots while dining in NYC that we would gladly return to. We've already covered our picks for the best Upper West Side restaurants, the following are our top picks for the best restaurants on the Upper East Side. Upper East Side Pub Food: Jones Wood Foundry Jones Wood Foundry may fool you a bit when you first dine here. It “falls very much on the safe end of the British-pub-in-NYC spectrum…” Wilfie & Nell it is not. But we enjoyed the food quite a bit at this food driven pub.

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Best Upper West Side Restaurants: Eating on the West Side NYC

There are a ton of options for dining in NYC. We all know that much. How do you find that place that you know will be enjoyable? Truth is, you can never be absolutely sure. That’s why we’re here to at least give you our top picks. This time around we’ll be highlighting our favorites on the West Side of Manhattan.

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