The Best 5 NYC Parenting Blogs

Two children swinging on a yellow swing set in a NYC park.
Photo Credit: Time Out Kids NY

It sometimes feels like NYC parenting blogs are as common are as double strollers on sidewalks between Glenwood buildings in the Upper East Side. But if you know where to look and what to bookmark for future reading, you’ll find an astonishing array of entertaining, insightful, and genuinely useful websites on everything from ways to amuse a toddler on a rainy day, navigating the NYC school system (public and private), and getting the most out of your dollar around Manhattan. Smack in the middle of raising a couple of city kids ourselves, we’ve grown to rely on and enjoy the following parent bloggers. Here then, is the Glenwood list of the 5 Best NYC Parenting Blogs!

1. Time Out New York Kids

The most obvious choice of popular parenting blogs, Time Out New York Kids, is still the best when it comes to figuring out what to do with the whole family on any given day, or weekend, or school vacation. Stay up to date on food options, sporting events, upcoming movies, the latest music, kid-friendly theater, and back to school activities for your little urban explorer to take part in. Time Out also lists one-time-only events near Glenwood buildings we never would have heard about otherwise – talk about getting the inside scoop!

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2. Urban Baby

Although it takes some getting used to in order to fully access all the site has to offer, Urban Baby sits nicely in the middle ground between pure what-to-do-with-kids listings – though its weekend guides are first-rate and often unique in their suggestions, which we love. The heart of the site is the Talk section, which is filled with energetic, uninhibited message boards on topics that cover all of the joy, confusion, fun, pain, and laughter that comes along with being a parent. Warning: we’ve spent way too much time at this parent blog some days, so prepared to spend your afternoon totally indulged!

A collage of images for the NYC parenting blog What Do We Do All Day.
Photo Credit: What Do We Do All Day

3. What Do We Do All Day

This NYC mom and her kiddo live in a “tiny apartment with no outdoor space” in Brooklyn… but that doesn’t stop them from having more artsy-craftsy fun together in a week than we can usually summon the energy to pull off in a month! Titled “What Do We Do All Day?” and filled with excellent ideas for both indoor and New York City-wide activities and adventures (included complete recipes and step-by-step instructions, when appropriate), this first-rate mommy blog is written with tons of love and humor, and always keeps us coming back for more.

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4. Mommy Poppins

This huge group blog is a comprehensive list of events, activities, and camps and freebies and artsy outings and weekend getaways and “urban nature.” Mommy Poppins also touches upon the less logistical, and more subtly challenging (and very rewarding) aspects of raising children in New York City. Written with an obvious passion for parenting and a love of this town, especially its quirkier byways, Mommy Poppins is a solid read.

A collage of parenting images for the NYC based parenting blog Babble.
Photo Credit: Babble

5. Babble

While Babble is not a New York City-centric blog, its packed with excellent writing, funny stories, sharp insights, and moving observations of life as a parent, as well as whip-smart, often sassy, and always useful product and cultural reports and reviews. Here are their main sections that feature wonderful reads and articles on parenting:

  • Pregnancy
  • Baby
  • Toddler
  • Kid

In addition, the Blogs and Features are rife with celebrity and literary guest contributors, and the Health and Food pages offer huge amounts of practical information. Also, the Community page, called the Babble Playground (“all the fun, none of the goldfish crumbs”) is always guaranteed to contain multiple threads that spark our interest!

Do you have any favorite NYC parenting blogs that we didn’t mention? Share your go-to reads with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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