5 Apartment Kitchen Storage Solutions

glass storage jarsIf you’re in the process of moving into your new luxury New York City apartment, or are a longtime resident who’s in the midst of reorganizing your space, you will quickly realize that every square inch of kitchen space is valuable – regardless of its size. If you find that your kitchen is bursting at the seams, from overflowing drawers, tupperware-filled cabinets, and a few too many cookie jars on the counter, here are 5 ways you can squeeze the most storage space out of your apartment’s kitchen!

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What Are You Missing for Your First NYC Apartment?

Now that you’ve secured your new luxury home, do you know what essentials you’ll need as soon as you move in? Read on!

Organize the Pantry

You can never have enough cabinet space for glasses, bowls, dishes, and food items. But what if there was a way to really get the most out of every shelf? Well, there are quite a few! Adding custom shelving units on top of existing shelves is a great way to make the most of unused storage space. Rather than stacking dishes on top of more dishes and risking them toppling over, adding extra shelves provide a sturdy platform.Keep a moving rotation of dry foods in your cabinet of cereal, crackers, and pasta to reduce the chance of your groceries getting pushed to the back of your cabinet and expiring. This also reduces clutter!

Woven wicker storage baskets.
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Use Baskets

There isn’t anything baskets can’t be used for when it comes to creating a place to put extra stuff – especially in your kitchen. From wicker to wood, plastic and wire, baskets of any size are easy to clean and can be used to store the following kitchen accessories in your Glenwood apartment:

  • Extra hand towels and oven mits
  • Seasonal dishware and table decor
  • Large bowls and vases
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Small appliances

Another great use of baskets is to securely hang them in your kitchen – just be sure to check with your building manager before adding holes to the ceiling! If you’re on board with the latest farmhouse style trend, baskets give a great feeling of rustic character to your Upper East Side apartment kitchen. Pot racks from Whisk are sturdy alternatives for larger kitchen items like pots, pans, and bakeware.

Add a Kitchen Cart

Kitchen carts from The Kitchen Clique are the ultimate storage accessory with so many uses. Your best bet is to purchase one on wheels, so you can move it about the kitchen to free up space. We recommend looking into “bar height†carts, which have dual purposes of acting as a kitchen island and additional entertaining space. You can even add a stool or two to create a front row eating area that overlooks your view of East Midtown Manhattan!One of the most important things to keep in mind when shopping for kitchen carts is durability. Think to yourself: Will I be prepping a lot of food on top of the cart? If so, be sure the counter of your cart is durable. If you value cabinet space, look into kitchen carts with built-in storage solutions. And for safety purposes, double check that your desired kitchen cart has breaks to prevent it from rolling!

A set of colorful glass spice jars.
Photo Credit: Pexels.com

Store Spices and Seasonings

If you’re the next best cook New York has ever seen, I’m sure you have quite the collection of spices and seasonings in your cabinets! We have two great options to optimize your kitchen’s storage space when it comes to finding an easily accessible place for jars:

  1. Add a Magnet – All you need is a roll of magnet, a glue gun, and small containers to create your own magnetic seasoning jars! Simply transfer your seasonings into the small container, dab a bit of glue to the back, add your magnet, and label your spices. Your spice collection can be easily placed on refrigerator doors to free up valuable cabinet space for larger items.
  2. Spice Racks – These nifty inventions are great uses of space in cabinets. You can purchase a variety of sizes, colors, and finishes that complements your spice collection and kitchen style, too. Many storage racks pull out for easy access to quickly read bottles.
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Brighten Up with Open Shelving

Adding open shelving units are a hot trend in kitchen design, and really help open up smaller kitchens. The key to open shelving is to maintain a color scheme that really makes your kitchen pop, and Global Table has one of the most beautiful collections of bowls, cups, plates, tea sets, trays, and glassware that you’ll definitely want to show off! For those Glenwood residents of Barclay Tower, Liberty Plaza, and Tribeca Bridge Tower living in Downtown Manhattan, Global Table’s Soho location is a short cab ride away!What are your favorite tips when it comes to finding space for everything in the kitchen? Stir up your secrets with us on Facebook and Twitter!