The 10 Best NYC News and Entertainment Blogs

A view of New York City buildings at night with the lights turned on.
Photo Credit: The Gothamist

It’s hard to keep up with a city that never sleeps… but that doesn’t stop us from trying here at Glenwood Luxury Apartments! While there are almost as many New York news and entertainment blogs as there are stories in this town, our daily Internet use almost always includes a visit to a few of the blogs listed below, Tune in to our list of the top 10 best NYC news and entertainment blogs with us!

1. Gothamist

This is our most read NYC entertainment blog that is updated a million times a day, with posts about absolutely everything New York. Gothamist provides news both grave and fluffy, breaking and non-, including lots of recaps of tabloid-style New York City stories that we wouldn’t normally come across. There are incisive reviews and alerts and interviews about all manner of cultural events:

  • Theater
  • Music of all kinds
  • New movies
  • Live readings
  • Upcoming art shows
  • Fun and unusual performances

This NYC news blog’s writing is simply terrific – its sharp, clever and often very funny. We’ve been Gothamist regulars for quite a while (they love New York as much as we do, and it shows!), and it just keeps getting better and better. And don’t forget to sign up for their morning email of the day’s happenings, the Gothamlist.

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2. Flavorpill

Flavorpill is a terrific weekly guide to less-mainstream music, art shows, readings, performance pieces, parties and happenings for Glenwood residents of the Upper East Side and West Side to read up on. These guys are smart, plugged in, and have taste, a good sense of humor, and an even better sense of fun!

3. Manhattan User’s Guide

This blog is a daily look at… well, just about everything having to do with New York City! Here’s what Manhattan User’s Guide offers, in a nutshell: Sales and bargains. Cool websites. Fun things to do this upcoming weekend. Out-of-town getaways. Education, food, health, fitness and leisure. Neighborhood roundups. Handy services guides (the best movers, or parking garages, or cheap hotels, to name just three recent posts). Surprises and poems and photographs. You can go to this NYC news blog’s site, or have the site come to your inbox, with the MUG newsletter.

4. Brooklyn Vegan

More in-depth coverage of the local indie-music scene than you can possibly absorb, but still, it’s fun to try with this NYC news entertainment blog. The Brooklyn Vegan not only has NYC news and alerts about upcoming shows, he also posts tons of photographs and set lists from shows past, and discusses CD / MP3 / podcast / online video and streaming releases. In this case, one man’s fanaticism is definitely your gain!

A street view of a bridge connecting NYC as the sun goes down.
Photo Credit: Time Out New York

5. Time Out New York

When choosing the best NYC entertainment blogs, you want comprehensive listings, right? You want reviews of everything with attitude too? You want tons of ideas about what to do, what to eat, what to see, where to go, tonight, tomorrow, this weekend? Well then, you want the Time Out New York NYC blog.

6. Urban Eye

Urban Eye isn’t a blog exactly, but we love (and, more important, actually use) this daily email from New York Times culture critic Melena Ryzik.

The format is simple: three posts, a bunch of interesting events or shows or stores or places to eat going on in New York City that day. Yes, it’s usually culled from the Times proper, but Ryzik is an excellent culler, and reading Urban Eye is as much a part of our morning routine as drinking coffee, and brushing our teeth.

Bonus: The New York Times website is, we think, too often ignored or under-appreciated, with many outstanding daily interactive features, including videos, audio slideshows, and infographics that complement and expand upon their non-digital coverage of New York City, national, cultural, style, and world news.

7. Gawker

New York City is still the media capital of the world, and Gawker is still the New York City media-news-and-gossip capital of the internet. Yes, their attitude can be a bit much sometimes, but you won’t find more genuinely useful hard news and genuinely entertaining fluff on the goings-on inside the glass towers of the newspaper, magazine, book publishing, television and internet industries than in this NYC news blog.

A store featured in Racked that sells hand made colorful dog collars and leashes in NYC.
Photo Credit: Racked

8. Racked

What the eater does for the best New York City restaurant blogs, Racked does for New York City shopping, with dozens of posts a day on all things retail: store openings and closings, unannounced deals and sales, what’s new and hot in NYC’s most desirable clothing and shoe establishments. The writing is fun and lively, the news and information often priceless.

9. Oh My Rockness

An invaluable source of concert information for New York City indie-music fans, the Oh My Rockness weekly email (and website) is divided into two parts: the best shows in town, big and small, over the next seven days; the best just-booked shows, and when tickets to said shows go on sale.

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10. Brownstoner

Brooklynites are famous for their borough-love, which is totally in evidence at Brownstoner, a staggeringly comprehensive look the goings on across the bridges. Real estate, arts, news, parties, festivals, food, shopping, politics, gossip: its all Brooklyn, all the time, at this New York news blog.

Do you have a few local websites and blogs bookmarked for daily reading? We’re all about staying up to date on the latest happenings around NYC, so share your valued resources with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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