Shelving and Storage Solutions for Apartments Large and Small

If you’re like us (and, probably, at least half of all New York City apartment dwellers), one of your resolutions this year involves finally cleaning up and organizing your closet / office space / kids’ room,  and those piles of books and papers and toys and everything else in the entire universe that somehow always seem to wind up in your home. Obviously, there’s no shortage of experts on the subject of shelving and storage solutions these days–it’s become a bona fide industry, the organize-your-space trade–but here’s a quick look at some of the better posts and pages we came across during our most recent digging around for ideas and inspirations.

Shelving and storage solutions for small spaces include this bookcase filled with colorful books, an airplane sculpture on top set in front of a colorful wall with paintings of trees

First, from our friends at Apartment Therapy, here’s an excellent round-up of inexpensive shelving solutions–the backbone of any organization project–that don’t look like you just saved a bundle. Nice, especially, to see CB2 on there (one of our go-to spots for just about everything in home decor) and the underrated Way Basics.
A young man walks up boxes for storage that mimick stairs - stacked tall to maximing as a shelving and storage solution
This fantastic staircase shelving unit by Danny Kuo is more dream-list territory than likely reality, but we love the piece, and we love Kuo’s thinking behind it, namely: “The most efficient way to build is vertically. Building vertically is a shelving and storage tip that saves space as it uses minimal ground square meters. When it comes to interior design, the same rule can be applied.”
A big open kitchen and dining room with shelving and storage solutions that include clever small shelves stacked high, and colorful boxes stacked low
The folks at PorterFanna Architecture were also thinking vertically when they went to work on this tiny Brooklyn studio. Yes, it helps to have such wonderfully high ceilings, but still: the crib in the walk-in closet; the built-in shelving that also functions as a staircase to the loft bed (we sense a theme here…); the simple use of translucent lumasite to hide sonmething (in this case, a queen-sized bed) in plain sight? All solid, actionable shelving and storage solutions, in some form or another.
Office and living spaces with shelving and storage solutions that include well organized desk and couches with lighting and textile accents
Finally, on the always-reliable Design Sponge, Cloud 9’s Kyle Freeman offers a terrific starter-kit for creating an efficient, uncluttered home office that won’t take over your living space. There are tons of great shelving and storage tips and ideas here, from how to position your desk and conducting a successful purge (sort everything into “like with like” piles; get rid of redundancies), to a look at “closet offices” that are actually inviting.

Now it is time to put that resolution into action – ready to declutter and streamline with these NYC apartment storage solutions.

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