Apartment Storage Solutions for NYC: Your home as a bento box?


Wood floors, white table and island with orange chairs in an open living space showcase bright apartment storage ideas

When The New York Times posted this story–and, most especially, the accompanying slideshow–about Tomoko and Kimio Akiyoshi's compact (1,400 square feet) yet exceedingly clever Noho apartment, it became an immediate internet sensation… at least, among architecture and design bloggers, tweeters and the like.

If you somehow missed it, here's the article and slide show again, because it's most definitely worth a look, both as NYC real estate porn–it's a perfect example of just how lovely minimalism can be–and as a source of smart and actionable apartment storage ideas for making anyone's home more comfortable, especially for providing more of that never-enough New York City commodity, storage space. 

Light wood draws underneath a platform bed make for a perfect small apartment storage solutions

Revolutionary Small Apartment Storage Ideas

Our two favorite apartment storage ideas here are in the bedrooms. Just about everyone in New York City uses the space under their bed to keep their stuff, whether frequently accessed in the form of drawers (either built into the bed itself or via those open-topped, rolling boxes that slide easily in and out), or, for things you need only occasionally (old files and paperwork; holiday decorations; off-season clothing) those large sealable bins. The Akiyoshis, however, took this apartment storage solutions concept a few steps further, turning most of their entire bedroom into a platform, with trap doors to store their bedding during the day, giving the couple 1. lots of deep drawers ("this apartment is half storage", says architect Adam Weintraub) and 2. a much-appreciated expanse of open space.  

A platform bed fitted with a glass sliding door and drawers underneath for apartment storage solutions

Pratical Storage Solutions

We also love the kids room, which again takes a common small apartment space solution–loft beds–and takes it to the next level. Here, instead of the usual small desk or reading chair underneath (who needs either, when you're a teenager with a laptop?), are large closets that run practically the full length of the room. The room is small and full but because of the creative design, its not cluttered or claustrophobic, and you have to believe that these two teenage girls appreciate all the apartment storage space for their clothes. A great room. Go here to view the complete Akiyoshis apartment slideshow.  

Two white platform beds make up the room with 2 young ladies, one sitting on the bed, one climbing the stairs - perfect apartment storage ideas

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