Richard Serra Junction & Cycle at Gagosian Chelsea NYC Gallery

Two New Richard Serra Sculptures installed at Larry Gagosian Chelsea Gallery

As usual, Larry Gagosian offers up the biggest show in Chelsea, NYC to start off the fall season. And we mean that literally: the biggest. Also: the heaviest, by about a gigaton or two. Yes, Richard Serra is working his usual massive-rusted-steel-plates magic here at the Chelsea Gagosian, but these two pieces, Junction and Cycle, are probably the largest, and most complex Serra sculptures we've ever had the pleasure of seeing. And wandering through. And getting lost within. 

Installed at the Larry Gagosian Gallery on Chelsea's 24th Street, Richard Serra's Junction and Cycle are energizing, delightful, thoroughly engaging. We always have such a visceral reaction to Serra's sculptural work, because of the sheer mass of these things, and the sharp metallic tang in the air, and the way they almost fold over you, somehow simultaneously threatening and protecting. And the color on these building-sized pieces is spectacular, the steel a constantly-changing canvas of oranges and reds and browns. Just beautiful. 

If you've seen Richard Serra's large-scale work before, either here at Gagosian Chelsea or a few years ago at the MoMA, you might know what to expect from this new exhibition. And, at first glance, it does seem familiar. But you'll find both Richard Serra Scultures, Junction and Cycle, at Gagosian Chelsea are trickier, and more labyrinthine than we have seen from the artist before. By the way, kids will love these. 

Even for a sculptor who specializes in the gigantic, Junction and Cycle are REALLY gigantic. The pieces towering above you, even blocking out the light in some sections, as the corridors narrow and the walls lean inward. This, of course, makes the rooms within the sculptures, once you arrive there, feel all the more refreshing – like a oasis of light and space. Don't miss the experiences of these installations. 

Go see Richard Serra Art Installations at Gagosian Chelsea New York 

Richard Serra's two new sculptures, Junction and Cycle, with be at the Larry Gagosian Gallery on  24th Street, between 10th and 11th Avenues, from now through November 26, 2011. The Gagosian Gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. For more information about the Richard Serra exhibition, check out the Gagosian Gallery website

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