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In the race to see which town can be the most coffee-nerdiest, New York City has long been playing catch-up to our second-best-in-everything-else friends in the northwest, in places like Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco. But with the second Manhattan Stumptown coming this spring to the West Village, the continued successful expansion of the likes… Continue Reading Geeky Coffee in Chelsea Means A Blue Bottle Coffee Siphon Bar
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Sometimes it feels almost unfair, the amount of enviable things Paula Scher has accomplished in her career. She spent most of the 1970s as an art director at CBS and Atlantic Records, designing some 150 album covers a year, including that iconic, monster-hit debut Boston LP, with its trippy flying saucers. The 1980s were spent… Continue Reading Paula Scher’s MAPS Chelsea Exhibition at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery
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In April of 2010, renowned artist Ai Weiwei, one of the most acclaimed artists and activists of his generation, was detained/arrested/kidnapped by the Chinese government for 81 days. No charges made, no communication allowed to the outside world, almost-daily interrogations about his involvement in… well, we'll probably never know. EIGHTY-ONE DAYS! And this was a… Continue Reading Ai Weiwei in Chelsea: “Sunflower Seeds” at Mary Boone Gallery
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