The Best New York City Classes for Kids and Parents

Kids hip-hop at the Downtown Dance Factory in Tribeca, NYC.

We're always trying to find that balance, as parents here in New York City, between making sure our children take full advantage of everything this great town has to offer, exposing them to new and different things because, who knows, they might find their life's great passion (or, at least, have some fun!), but also being careful not to overwhelm them with a fully-booked schedule, and giving them enough unstructured time so that a kid can, you know, just be a kid. Anyway, this thought came to mind this week when we saw the new Time Out New York Kids, billed as "The Ultimate Guide to NYC Classes" and featuring a quick look at more than 100 different venues all over town where kids can go and… well, they go and do just about anything. 

Kids practice the cello at a lesson at the Third Street Music School, NYC.

NYC Classes: Sports, Music, Cooking, Swimming and More!

Dance, team sports, music, cooking, swimming, acting, gymnastics, design, drawing, fashion, gaga (yup), fencing: almost literally everything you can imagine, plus plenty more that may not have occurred to you, is available out there somewhere, just waiting for your kid to sign up. It's been a while since our children were out there doing this sort of thing–though we can personally recommend photography at the ICP, anything connected with Teachers College (Science Camp in the summer!), Saturday classes at the Art Students League, and lessons at the Third Street Music School–but any number of things in the guide seem, at a minimum, worth checking out. 

NYC kids swimming class at the JCC on Amsterdam.

New York City Parents: Check Out These New York City Classes for Your Children

For example: the "always ambitious, always high-energy" classes, in manga, opera, collage, lots more, at HiArt in Chelsea; hand-weaving at Loop of the Loom on the Upper East Side; knitting on the Upper West at Knitty City; boys hip-hop at the Downtown Dance Factory in Tribeca; the new offerings at the JCC on Amsterdam, including circus yoga, fencing, and sewing for tweens; and the Golf Club (for kids as young as five!) at Chelsea Piers. There are plenty of other NYC Kid's Classes Guides out there, of course, including New York Magazine's "Best of" lists, and we're looking forward to whatever Mommy Poppins comes up with this year, but the Time Out NY Kids site is a pretty good place to start.

Girl hand-weaving at Loop of the Loom on the Upper East Side, Manhattan.

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