Asphalt Green NYC Summer Camps

As the end of the school year approaches, your children’s summer plans are likely on your mind! If you are looking for a camp or sports activity to put them in, consider Asphalt Green! Asphalt Green offers different types of camps and sports programs like swimming, soccer, baseball and martial arts. With a location uptown and downtown, Asphalt Green is convenient for all Glenwood residents.  

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The Best New York City Classes for Kids and Parents

We're always trying to find that balance, as parents here in New York City, between making sure our children take full advantage of everything this great town has to offer, exposing them to new and different things because, who knows, they might find their life's great passion (or, at least, have some fun!), but also being careful not to overwhelm them with a fully-booked schedule, and giving them enough unstructured time so that a kid can, you know, just be a kid. Anyway, this thought came to mind this week when we saw the new Time Out New York Kids, billed as "The Ultimate Guide to NYC Classes" and featuring a quick look at more than 100 different venues all over town where kids can go and… well, they go and do just about anything. 

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