Madison Square Park Features Jacco Olivier’s “Painterly Animations”

Madison Square Art, the group within the Madison Square Conservancy who have been responsible for bringing all the fantastic public art to the park over the past decade, end their 2011 season with six lovely little animations, some site-specific, by the dutch artist Jacco Olivier. The flat screen monitors were installed last week throughout Madison Square Park, and Jacco Olivier's short, painterly pieces–Stumble, Hide, Rabbit Hole, Bird, Home, and Deer–will be bringing rich splashes of color to the park's pathways throughout the winter months.

We went looking for Olivier's animations in Madison Square Park on a chilly afternoon last week, and though we could find only three (maybe the balance are still being worked on?), and were a little disappointed in the lack of creative installation ideas (they should have embedded one in the ground, right? or placed something high in the trees?), we imagine that it will seem cooler at night… or, at least, each of the six will be easier to spot. Also, once the gray of winter really kicks in, and especially when there's a fresh fallen snow, we imagine we'll appreciate Olivier's work much more. And if you walk through Madison Square Park on a regular basis, seeing an animated yellow beetle scurrying in the bushes by the playground (to take just one example), will no doubt be a welcome addition to your regular commute or routine.   

Jacco Olivier animations in Madison Square Park details 

Jacco Olivier's animated works will be on diplay in Madison Square through March 12, 2012. Madison Square Park is located between Fifth and Madison Avenues, and between 23rd to 26th Streets. For more information on Jacco Olivier, his animations, or about the park in general,  please see the Madison Square Park website, here

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