Lobster Feast in Red Hook, every Friday night

Rocky Sullivan’s in Red Hook Hosts “Lobstah Feast Friday”

Lobster Feast 

Lobster feast in Red Hook anyone? Labor Day has come and gone, but the Red Hook Lobster Pound crew is still working their magic, serving up that quintessential summertime treat every Friday night until the end of the year at throwback pub Rocky Sullivan’s in Brooklyn. Yes, for only $25 a person, Red Hook Lobster Pound’s “Lobstah Feast Fridays”, starring spectacularly fresh and meaty 1.5-pound lobsters, is well worth the trip, especially on a nice evening, when you can catch the sunset over New York Harbor from the roof deck.

Lobster Feast 

Red Hook Lobster Pound Dinner is Fresh & Affordable

This lobster feast in Red Hook seems almost too good to be true.  How can so much beautiful sweet crustacean cost so little? Every Thursday, Red Hook Lobster Pound co-creator Ralph Gorham (his wife, Susan Povich, is the other co- ) drives roundtrip to Kittery, Maine, and purchases around 1,000 pounds of live lobster straight off the boats. Because Gorham’s right there, and because he’s buying so many, he gets a nice price. And, so, do we. Bonus: when you sit down at Rocky Sullivan’s in Red Hook for your Lobstah Feast Fridays, you know dinner was caught only about 48 hours ago.

Lobster Feast 

How Is This Lobster Feast in Red Hook

So how do the Red Hook Lobster Pound crustaceans rate? In a word: spectacular. These were by far the best lobsters we had all season: fat and full of sweet, fresh meat, steamed to perfection, a gloriously good and messy celebration of the summer and the sea. Your $25 lobster feast in Red Hook also includes some mediocre corn on the cob, a tiny bucket of better-than-average potato salad, and whatever sweet treat they have that night, which in our case was a nice lemon square. But of course you really come out to Red Hook, to Rocky Sullivan’s, for the Red Hook Lobster Pound lobster. And maybe the Jonah Crab Claws. Every Friday through the end of the year, it’s worth the trip for this lobster feast in Red Hook, times ten.  

Lobster Feast 

Lobster Feast in Red Hook Details

Red Hook Lobster Pound’s $25 “Lobstah Feast Friday’s” is at Rocky Sullivan’s in Red Hook on Friday night, between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.. Rocky Sullivan’s also has a menu of pizzas and salads and such for non-lobster-lovers, and is located at the corner of Van Dyke and Dwight Streets in Red Hook, Brooklyn. For more information about the Red Hook Lobster Pound, click here. For directions on how to get to Rocky Sullivan’s by train, bus, car, or ferry, click here.  

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