A Glenwood Building in Tribeca is Living Green

Barclay Tower, Glenwood building on Upper East Side Manhattan saves by living green.

They call it a “DVR for electricity”, and it could revolutionize the way entire city blocks–heck, entire cities–think about energy consumption. This building is saving money and cutting usage with Demand Energy’s brand-new battery storage technology, the Demand Shifter: Glenwood’s Manhattan apartment building, the Barclay Tower in Tribeca (on the right, above). At Glenwood, it seems, the future is now.

Glenwood's Caldwell building in Manhattan uses green technology for energy needs.

Glenwood Encourages Living Green by Incorporating LEED Certified Green Home Design

Glenwood has long been at the forefront in embracing green construction materials and environmentally-conscious management practices, a dedication made most explicit in the LEED-certified Emerald Green, a luxury tower recently opened in Midtown West. Now Glenwood becomes the first company in New York City–and one of the first in the world–to utilize the green construction technology of Demand Energy’s power storage solutions. Oversimplifying things a bit, Demand Energy’s Demand Shifter works by using incredibly efficient batteries that, once filled by an outside source, maintain an energy foundation for the building that can be drawn upon during both peak and non-peak hours.

Renewable energy technology covering parts of Glenwood buildings' energy demands.

This is huge for green home design, and necessary, when it comes to relying on “intermittent-supply” energy sources such as solar and wind power. For example, the Demand Energy batteries can be filled when the sun’s out, and instead of dissipating, the stored power can be called upon as needed. As Josh London, Vice President of Management at Glenwood says, “We view our work with Demand Energy as an important part of the future of smarter, more sustainable green home building and design. This pioneering technology continues our goal of providing residents with a higher quality of life by incorporating green design and the latest innovations that promote efficiency.” Good news for Glenwood NYC residents; good news for us all.

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