Fulton Fish Market Neighbor New Amsterdam Market Now Open for the Summer

Crowds visiting New Amsterdam Market next to Fulton Fish Market in Manhattan.

The New Amsterdam Market, located right by the old Fulton Fish Market in the South Street Seaport area, reopened last Sunday for the season, which is good news indeed for all New Yorkers, but especially for downtown Glenwood residents (in both the Barclay Tower and Tribeca Bridge Tower), and especially ESPECIALLY for Glenwoodians fortunate enough to live in the luxury rentals of LIberty Plaza, just a few blocks away. The New Amsterdam Market is one of our favorite such markets in all of New York City, because it combines the on-site fun and feasting of a good snacking/dining destination (think: Smorgasburg) with the take-home, locally grown or produced pleasures of a solid farmer's market. 

Pie Corps selling Fire Cider at NYC's New Amsterdam Market.

The vendors at the New Amsterdam Market vary slightly from week to week (though many of the best will be there for duration), but on opening day we particularly enjoyed such old favorites like the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels at Liddabit Sweets; the smoky, chewy Classic Jerky at King's County Jerky; the creamy frozen treats at La Newyorkina (on this day: a scoop of spectacular Arroz con Leche ice cream); and the juicy, crackling piggy sandwiches at Porchetta. Also of note: Pie Corps is back with their awesome savory delights; the Moroccan "sandcastle" cookies at Black and Blanco are unique and, if you opt for the Marzipan variety, totally delicious; the Fire Cider will, no question, wake you up in a hurry (ask for a sample); and the Queens County Farm has a booth this year, and though they were "only" selling lovely flowers and herbs on Sunday, their fruits and veggies are always among the best at the Union Square Market, so this is an excellent addition for downtown residents.   

Fingerlakes Farm selling fresh farm eggs and butter at New Amsterdam Market.

Downtown NYC Food Artists? Not Quite But New Amsterdam Market Entertains Every Week!

Want another reason to visit the New Amsterdam Market? Every week they host some sort of special, thematically-organized mini-festival, with a pop-up "pavilion" of purveyors as well as as workshops and demonstrations. Last Sunday, for example, the New Amsterdam Market featured all things made from grain, with 16 of city's top bread-bakers selling their wares and a pizza-making exhibition, complete with wood-burning oven, by Jim Lahey and his superb Co. pizzaiolo Matt Aita. And this week's special sounds possibly even better: a celebration of "International Meats" from the likes of Solber Pupusas and Guadelupes Tamales. See you on line. 

Arroz con Leche ice cream by La Newyorkina at New Amsterdam Market in NYC.

Lower Manhattan's New Amsterdam Market 2012: the details

The New Amsterdam Market is located on South Street between Beekman Street and Peck Slip and is open every Sunday between now and late fall from 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. For more details and a list of vendors on any particular week, please see the New Amsterdam Market website, here.  

Making Porcetta pork sandwiches at New Amsterdam Market, South Street Seaport.


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