The Faberge Big Egg Hunt is ON!

large colorful egg as part of the Faberge Big Egg Hunt in NYC

Is NYC cracking up? Well, while there may be several examples of that, right now, and through until April 18, there are more than 250 giant eggs "hidden" all over New York City. Each one of these fabulous two-and-a-half-foot sculptures has been dyed… er, designed, by a different artist. They are the focus of the Big Egg Hunt presented by Faberge. Each egg can be "cracked" via the Big Egg Hunt app on your smart phone, with a chance to win extravagant prizes–aka, a $50,0000 Faberge Egg pendant necklace–each week. And each of these amazing eggs are for sale though the Egg Hunt online auction or wait for the Grand Auction at Sotheby's on the April 22nd. The best part: 100% of the money raised through sales goes to two charities, one an arts organization for children in NYC, the other an elephant conservation group in Asia. Here's how the Faberge Big Egg Hunt works…

Yellow sculptured egg with smiley face near the Brooklyn Bridge as part of the Big Egg Hunt

Find the Eggs Online or In Person

There are two ways to have fun with the Faberge Big Hunt. The first is simple: just go about your daily life, walking around and doing all of your usual NYC things, and when you stumble across one of the beauties–and you will; they are all over the place–be delighted! Read about the artist or designer, an impressive list of participants that includes Bruce High Quality Foundation, Cost, Cynthia Rowly, D*Face, Dain, Debbie Millman, ENX, Bruce Weber, Cope2, Julian Schnabel, Leo Villareal, Martha Stewart, Nick Walker, Peter Max, Ralph Lauren, Retna, Sandra Boyton, and William Wegman. Maybe take a photo and text it to your kids or post it your Facebook. Be goofy. Enjoy the serendipity.  

Sculputre garden in NYC with Big Egg Hunt sculpture included

Get It on the Action with Big Egg Hunt App!

Or you can really play the game and download the free Big Egg Hunt smartphone app. Here you'll see a map with all the locations of previously found, or "cracked," eggs. Check in at each egg you find and put it in your app's "basket", which also automatically enters you in the weekly raffle for those spectacularly bejeweled pendants. And learn more about the charities: Studio in a School brings artists of all sorts into NYC school and community organizations; Elephant Family is dedicated to saving the Asian elephant from extinction in the wild.      

silver egg sculpture by artist Zaha Hadid with skyline coming out of top of egg

Zaha Hadid Egg Leads the Big Egg Hunt Auction Bidding

As of the date of this post, the most sought-after Big Egg Hunt egg appears to be "Liquid Skyline," by artist/architect Zaha Hadid. In just two days, bidding for her "egg-cellent" design (sorry…tried to resist but failed) is fetching $11,000, up from an opening bid of $500. But if that's a bit more than you expected to pay for an egg (but hey, this is a city where you can buy a $1,000 omelette), many of the other eggs look to be going for much less. So, get in on the action while you can, and remember that it is all for charity!

Lage black egg with faces painted on it for Big Egg Hunt NYC 2014

Big Egg Hunt Ends April 18 with Rockefeller Center Showing

The city-wide Faberge Big Egg Hunt will run through April 18, when all the eggs are gathered and brought to Rockefeller Center for a week-long viewing. For lots more information about everything, please see here.    




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