Craft Cocktails and Delicious Indian Food at UES Drunken Munkey

Image of a vintage collectible monkey statue sitting at the bar of the Drunken Munkey NYC

It’s not really news any longer that the Upper East Side is enjoying an emergence of fun, interesting, even downright hip nightlife options, with restaurants and cocktail programs that seem to have been shipped in from NYC’s trendier precincts. I’m talking about ABV Wine BarJones Woods FoundryJBirdEast PoleMeatball ShopPenrose… heck, even coffee-and-donut shops are getting into the act, with the likes of Dough Loco.

Anyway, this is all good news for both UES long-timers and neighborhood newbies alike –who doesn’t like good food in a lively setting?– and now, if you haven’t already, you can add another intriguing spot to the list, the some-what recently opened Indian-Anglo restaurant Drunken Munkey, featuring craft cocktails and authentic-ish “Colonial” fare.

A plate of indian food appetizer called Stuffed Simla Mirch, which is mashed potatoes inside of sweet baby peppers from the Drunken Munkey NYC

Craft Cocktails & Vintage Monkey Collectibles

I popped into Drunken Munkey early one night, and while I didn’t try anything from the gin-heavy “craft cocktail” part of the Drunken Munkey menu, the gentlemen at the bar certainly seemed to be enjoying their Aviations (an apparently quite refreshing–and potent–concoction of gin, lemon juice, maraschino, Creme de Violette and Angostura orange bitters) and Royal Enfield Sidecars (with VSOP Cognac, Combier orange liqueur, fresh lemon juice, flamed orange zest, and a sugar rim)… not to mention all of the vintage monkey collectibles that seem to appear in every nook and cranny of the warm, inviting space.

The Goan Pork Vindalu entree off the Drunken Munkey menu, with tender meat in a fiery sauce accompanied by buttery ghee rice and fluffy naan bread

Indian Food on the Upper East Side

Thankfully, you can soak up your boozy delights at Drunken Munkey with some first-rate food. My appetizer of Stuffed Simla Mirch–mashed potatoes inside of sweet baby peppers, basically–was good, but I really liked my Goan Pork Vindalu entree, the meat tender, the sauce just fiery enough to get your attention, accompanied by buttery ghee rice and fluffy naan bread. A side of soupy, lemony daal–more dip than anything else, really–completed the meal, which was not only satisfying, but also comfortably priced. If you live in one of Glenwood’s Upper East Side or Gracie Point buildings, Drunken Munkey is definitely worth a visit.

The warm, dimly lit interior of the Drunken Munkey in NYC

More Information: Drunken Munkey NYC

Drunken Munkey is located on 92nd Street between Second and First Avenues and is open for dinner (lunch and brunch coming soon) until 2:00 a.m. on weeknights, and 3:00 a.m. on the weekends.

The exterior view of Upper East Side Indian restaurant, Drunken Munkey NYC

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