Build-Your-Own-Burger at Burger Bistro on the Upper East Side

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In the summer of 2010, long-time buddies and restaurant veterans, John Agnello and Vincent Dardanell, opened their first Burger Bistro, on 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge. Their fully-customizable, build-your-own-burger concept quickly proved to be a hit.

Of course, it helped that John and Vin are fun, amiable guys who are passionate about professional, friendly service and slinging first-rate food. They also have good taste in music and John’s art hanging on the walls, syncronizing to a pretty cool atmosphere. The Burger Bistro in Bay Ridge was followed by one in Park Slope, and then about two months ago John and Vin landed in Manhattan. Thus launching the Upper East Side Burger Bistro in the heart of Glenwood’s Gracie Point territory.

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Vegetarians Beware of The Meat Menu

The Upper East Side Burger Bistro follows the same format as its Brooklyn forbears. Your laminated menu comes with a red grease pencil, and you check off what you want before handing it back to your server. There are a half dozen bar-food-ish starters (the Deep Fried Corn on the Cob is a winner), and a bunch of pretty solid sides. Vegetarians beware, its the meat of the menu that is the most impressive, with its the large and wonderful build-your-own-burger section. You choose your patty (beef? lamb? veggie? etc.) and how you want it cooked (medium rare, please). You choose your cheese (lots of options here, from American and cheddar to fried mozzarella, pepper jack, and goat). You choose from ten different toppings, including Applewood bacon, fried egg, frizzled onions, pickled jalepenos, hot Italian sausage. You choose a bun (brioche, whole wheat, garlic, “lettuce wrap” (really?). You kick back and await your masterpiece.

Burger Bistro has the Best Burgers in NYC

We’ve eaten at the Park Slope Burger Bistro a couple of times, and always walked away happy and satisfied. This week was our first meal at the Upper East Side Burger Bistro and our feelings for John and Vin’s venture remain the same. We went pretty standard–beef burger, jalapeno jack, bacon, brioche–and were rewarded with a solid, tasty generously-portioned sandwich. Maybe a bit more cheese would have been nice. But the beef patty was first-rate, with plenty of flavor in every bite, and stood up well to the toppings. The tater tots tasted less of potato and more of “fried”, but that’s not necessarily a negative with a dinner such as this. Bottom line: they are one of the best burger restaurants in NYC. Add the Burger Bistro to your list of neighborhood spots.

Inside seating of the burger restaurant in nyc called Bistro Burger

Upper East Side Burger Bistro

The Upper East Burger Bistro is located on First Avenue between 87th and 86th Streets, and is open Monday through Thursday 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., on Fridays until 12:00 midnight, on Saturdays from 11:30 a.m. until midnight, and on Sundays until 10:00 p.m. For more information, to order online, and for a look at the complete Upper East Side Burger Bistro menu, visit the Burger Bistro online!

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