NYC Apartment Date Night Ideas

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Oh, date night. The one thing that may get you through your hectic NYC week is spending quality time at home with your significant other. Planning a date night at your apartment may require a bit more effort and creativity than settling on dining out, but it’s the meaning behind your plans that create the best memories! We encourage residents of Glenwood’s Manhattan buildings to treat themselves to a night of comfortable clothes, tasty snacks, beautiful city views, and a memorable date night!

Make Your Apartment Spotless

The first step of prepping your apartment is to clean it. You wouldn’t take your date to an unhygienic restaurant, so why not set the same standards for your apartment? Whether your partner is stopping by after work, or you have a few hours before they get home from the day’s activities, now is the time to clean up your space. Here are some key spots not to overlook:

  • The kitchen (mop the floor, disinfect countertops, dust off the top of appliances)
  • The living room (vacuum area rugs, fluff up throw pillows, clean windows)
  • The bathroom (clean tile flooring, wipe down countertops, dust mirrors)

A helpful hint is to clean your apartment’s best features. In particular, residents of The Encore enjoy 9-foot ceilings and large windows of the West Side, so be sure to wash the interior of your windows for streak-free views of Lincoln Center and the Hudson River!

Woman puts vase of red and yellow flowers on her coffee table in living room

Set the Mood

If you have chemistry with your date, create a romantic atmosphere to let it shine! Put together a sharp looking outfit (unless you have decided to make it a super comfy night in sweats, which is always a great move too) light a few lightly scented candles, add a vase of fresh flowers, and set up your favorite playlist for the evening. Music is one of the most influential, but fun, ways to set the mood for your date. Whether you’re date night in involves pizza delivery or a full sit down meal, choose music that enhances your time together.

A couple cooking together stirring ingredients into a sauce pan

Cook Dinner Together

Cooking dinner with your date is not only charming and romantic, but it keeps you both busy at the beginning of the date! Not to mention, you’ll be able to recreate the restaurant experience for way less. If one of you still needs to find your forte in the kitchen, leave it to the household cook, and enjoy wonderful conversation together!

Either way, bring out the wine. Pasta and other Italian dishes are simple to make and their ingredients are inexpensive. You can also cook something more suited to your date’s taste. Prepare some small bites to start with, followed by a meal for two and dessert. If you are not the most experienced chef in the kitchen, you can sign up for at home meal prep kits that you can order directly from Fresh Direct, Home Chef, or Hello Fresh for example! The kits come with the exact portioned ingredients and easy to follow instructions-perfect for the inexperienced cook!

A bowl of popcorn and a clicker on a coffee table with a tv in the background

Watch a Movie or TV Show

When it comes to picking out a movie with your date, it’s polite to ask them what they’d like to watch. This goes for television shows, too.

As with nearly any event, snacks should also be considered. Does your date like butter, caramel, plain, or cheese popcorn? Pop open a bag right after dinner so it stays hot and fresh. What about Haribo gummy bears, Twizzlers, chocolate, chips, and other sweets? Find out and have them ready just in time for the movie! If you live on the Upper East Side, you can seamless order from The Sweet Shop, that has all of the candy you could want- along with homemade cookie dough, cookies, ice-cream sandwiches, and caramels! 

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Enjoy Your Apartment Amenities

It’s no secret that Glenwood’s apartment buildings host some of the most luxurious amenities across Manhattan. From indoor swimming pools at The Stratford, to rooftop decks at The Regent, to movie rooms Glenwood buildings offer plenty of opportunity for you and your date to enhance your time together! Remember that date nights don’t always need to happen at night, so think of ways to utilize your building’s fun amenities for optimal time together!

What are your ideas for creating a great date night? Let us know how it goes on Facebook or Twitter!

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