Schnipper’s on 23rd Street: NYC Flatiron District’s solid quick-bite option

If you're like us, it'll to happen sooner rather than later: you're walking around in the vicinity of the beautiful Flatiron District, hanging in lovely Madison Square Park, shopping along that stretch of stores on lower Fifth Avenue (or at the fun new Marimekko!), or engaged in any of a dozen other reasons to be in that neighborhood. Suddenly it hits you and your crew: you're hungry! Your first thought is the excellent Shake Shack, of course, but sometimes waiting half an hour for a cheeseburger just isn't the right way to go (plus, there's the whole eating outside in the winter thing…). The pizza at Eataly's pretty tasty, too, but, same problem, re: loooong wait. Enter Schnipper's Quality Kitchen, with its big, new-ish outpost on 23rd Street, just east of Madison Square Park and so close to Danny Meyers's insanely popular burger place that if the line at the Shack were to head that way, it'd probably reach the Schnipper's front door.  

Schnipper's NYC Location on 23rd Street: Meaty Satisfaction Equal to Flatiron District Restaurants Closeby

Anyway, we went to the Schnipper's in Flatiron NYC (the original's in Times Square, in the New York Times building) the other night before a movie in Union Square and feasted on the expansive Schnipper's New York menu of sloppy joes, burgers of every description, grilled cheeses, complicated salads galore, fries and shakes and… well you get the idea. This was our first foray into Schnipper's NYC location on 23rd, and we liked pretty much everything we tried. Not that is this subtle food by any means, but it does satisfy. Take the Sloppy Joe, for instance: meaty, moist, slightly spicy with just the right hit of sweetness, and all on a bun that stands up to the mess. It also works quite nicely next to a pile of creamy, chewy, Mac-n-Cheese.

The Schnipper's Classic Burger was also a hit, smothered in creamy, salty, melty cheese ("our special cheese blend" says the menu), topped with caramelized onions, a generous slab of bacon, baby arugula, and a barbecue-y "Schnipper sauce". Good stuff. The Fries, too, were first-rate, crispy and tasting of spuds, and even though the Salted Caramel Milkshake was really just a vanilla shake with about a half inch of super-sweet caramel syrup puddling on the bottom, well, what's so bad about that? The room is large, comfortable, and, when we were there at around 6:30 on a Saturday night, almost completely empty. And, yes, we passed a long line at the Shake Shack on our way to the Schnipper's in the Flatiron district, and passed a still-long line on our way back to Broadway. It's nice to have options. 

The Way & the Days to Visit Schnipper's Quality Kitchen in Flatiron New York 

The Flatiron Schnipper's is located on 23rd Street just east of Madison Avenue, and is open on Monday through Thursday from 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m., on Friday and Saturday until 11:00 p.m., and on Sunday until 9:00. For more information, for ordering online, and for a look at the complete Schnipper's menu, visit the restaurant's website.  

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