Whitney Museum set to Open on Mondays for Koons Retrospective

A bright, colorful large sculpture of play-doh by artist Jeff Koons at his retrospective at the Whitney Museum.

Way to go out with a bang, Upper East Side Whitney. For its final exhibition in the iconic, modernist Madison Avenue building that's been its home since 1966, the Whitney gives us a true blockbuster, filling nearly the entire space with one of the most crowd-pleasing, successful and, perhaps for those very reasons, polarizing American artists of his generation, Jeff Koons. This is Koons's first-ever retrospective in New York City, it's the first time (and, by default, also the last) the Whitney has ever given over all of its galleries to a single artist.

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Back to School for Grown Ups: The Best Adult Classes and Continuing Education in NYC

An exterior view of Low Memorial Library on the campus of Columbia University

No matter what sort of memories you have about your high school/college days (and mine are decidedly mixed), when September comes around it's hard not to get a little nostalgic for that fresh-start, new-school-year feeling. That warm-fuzzy feeling is especially magnified if you have kids, and especially, especially if they're changing schools or–yikes–heading off to college. Here's the thing, though: NYC has an amazing array of classes for adults, on every conceivable subject, requiring varying degrees of rigor and commitment (and money), all just waiting for you to sign up and learn. Last year we discussed some fun, educational back-to-school tips for kids, and for year we explored NYC's best and most popular adult education classes and programs. 

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Dimes Cafe: California-Style Cuisine right in Chinatown

Chicken liver mousse topped with jalepeno-pickled raisins from Dimes Cafe in NYC

It's places like Dimes that make it impossible to ever get tired of New York City. Twice now this summer I've stopped into this tiny, funky-pretty spot on dingy Division Street for dinner, once late, around 10pm, once on a bit of the early side, around 6pm. On both nights I was greeted warmly and seated immediately, despite the fact that everyone here is at least 20 times cooler-looking than me. The menu is incredibly appealing from top to bottom, with healthy, California-ish dishes–owners Sabrina De Sousa and Alissa Wagner honed their chops at places like Northern Spy and Smile–at reasonable prices. Most important, both dinners at Dimes were wholly satisfying, two-for-two, app-and-entree winners. Enter hungry, leave happy. 

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A Tour of All That’s New and Fun in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Image of a Brooklyn bridge park with a man sunbathing on the lawn on a beautiful day with bright blue skies

Brooklyn Bridge Park, which runs along the East River waterfront from the base of the Manhattan Bridge in DUMBO all the way to Pier 6 at the southern edge of Brooklyn Heights, has been the site of an extraordinary amount of development these past few years, both public and private. Even considering the insane pace at which our beautiful city normally changes, Brooklyn Bridge Park is a renovation, reconstruction machine.

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For Your Labor Day Grilling: Check Out These Great NYC Butcher Shops

Image of a large set of ribs, in the backgroun a man prepares meat for cooking.

Although you can easily get a nice variety of decent cuts these days at any Whole Foods, Fairway, or Citarella, every NYC neighborhood deserves a great butcher, preferably of the old-school, family-owned variety. Places like Ottomanelli BrothersLobel'sOttomanelli & SonsSchatzieHarlem Shambles, and J. Baczynsky's Ukranian Meat Market will always beat the big guys on quality, especially for special occasions.

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What We Learned at Food Republic’s Fantastic Summer Pie Party

Image of the top of a passion fruit pie decorated with whipped cream around the edges and large raspberries

A few nights ago the good folks at Food Republic invited us to their Summer Pie Party, held at Little Owl: the Venue in the West Village. It featured more amazing pie than anyone could possibly ever eat, all from some of the best bakers and chefs in the city. Plus: lots of fun, refreshing cocktails. Needless to say, we took Food Republic up on their offer, gorged ourselves silly, laughed and chatted with pie makers and our excellent Little Owl hosts, and walked away with five valuable lessons.

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Legendary Street Photographer Garry Winogrand at the Met

A photograph taken by Garry Winogrand of a women laughing, holding her purse and a half eaten ice cream cone.

"I photograph to find out what something will look like photographed," said the legendary street photographer, Garry Winogrand. In fact, he said it so often throughout his three-decade (or so) career, and in so many only-slightly different ways, that it became something of a motto… that and his other famous quote: "If you don't take the picture, you weren't there."

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Bar Primi: Andrew Carmellini and the Power of Pasta

A close up of sutffed pasta from Andrew Carmellini's new restaurant, Bar Primi

Andrew Carmellini, Luke Ostrom, and Josh Pickard have a long string of mega-hit restaurants already in their pocket, restaurants that have successfully made the journey from 'hyped and trendy' to 'NYC institution.' Locanda Verde, The Dutch, and, most recently, Lafayette are not only packed with lively foodies every night, but there also packed with a lot of love and skill in the kitchen. The trio have recently opened their brand new restaurant – the pretty, pasta-centric spot Bar Primi, takes the place of their popular but abruptly shuttered Peels on Bowery. We recently went downtown, and wined and dined with great satisfaction. (Quick tip: go now, during the relatively quiet summer months, before it becomes impossible to get a table.) 

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Best NYC Events In August: A Guide from A-to-Z

A shot of the blue sky and NYC skyline from Govenor's Island

 If New York City ever takes a bit of a break–and it doesn't, not really–then maybe August is the time? Or, at least, for those of us still in town, playing host to the relentless gush of tourists that never slows down these days, there are slightly fewer must-dos to worry about missing. That said, there's still plenty going on this month, and to make this clear we compiled a literal A-to-Z list of August events. The full list is at bottom, but first, a few highlights..

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Summer Streets 2014: The City’s Biggest Block Party Returns!

Bikers, skaters and walkers take advantage of the seven car-free blocks at NYC's Summer Streets

Returning for its seventh go-round, the now-traditional NYC Summer Streets will once again transform Park Avenue and Lafayette Street into a glorious, seven-mile long block party. Hosted this Saturday, August 2 (and then again on the 9th and 16th), the annual event is truly a blast. If you're looking for some free, fun-filled activity on any of these Saturday mornings, it's well worth getting up and out early (it runs from 7am to 1pm) and joining the strolling, pedaling crowds. Here's what you can expect this year:

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