All Eggs Everything. From Sandwiches to Salads -The Egg Shop Shines in Nolita

A patron stands outside of the new restaurant, Egg Shop, located on Elizabeth street in New York City

Does NYC–and, more particularly, does the already wonderfully loaded Elizabeth Street, home to such recent favorites as Black Seed and Farmer's Daughter, as well as old-school charmers like Cafes Habana and Gitane, all within a few blocks of each other–really need another cute, fun, healthy, casual restaurant? Well, that depends… but if it's a good as the spanking-new Egg Shop, the answer is a resounding "yes please, we can handle more delicious things to eat, thanks." Opened late summer in a bright, breezy spot just south of Kenmare, Egg Shop is, as you might have guessed, an egg-focused (egg-obsessed?) cafe that serves these locally-sourced beauties in a dozen different ways from early morning until late at night. Sold!  

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Fall For Dance Festival is Here! Free Shows and Fantastic Dancing – Starts Tonight!


ALERT: Fall for Dance tickets go on sale this Sunday at 11:00 a.m.; FREE performances in Central Park TONIGHT and tomorrow at 8:00 p.m.! 

It's been eleven years since the New York City Center (above, photo by Scott Beale) launched what has become one of the best cultural deals of the season, the wonderful Fall For Dance Festival. Year after year we snatch up tickets immediately when they go on sale. And yes, you need to snatch because they quickly sell out–not only because of the events growing popularity – but it's the incredibly cheap price of only $15 a seat that cause such a rush. So far, no matter who's been up there on stage over the years, we've never been disappointed. This year the Fall For Dance folks have increased our pleasure with a pair of free shows at the Delacorte Theater tonight and tomorrow!  Find out more. 

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What’s Hot at Chelsea’s first Fall Art Thursday Night Gallery Hop


After a summer of (mostly bland) group shows and lengthy vacations, the Chelsea art gallery district exploded back to life last Thursday evening with the opening of dozens of new exhibitions. These Thursday night neighborhood-wide parties are always fun, with first-rate people-watching, lots of free drinks, everyone out and about.. it's all very New York City.  If you've never been to one of these Thursday nights in Chelsea, you should go at least once, as a kind of a rite of passage. Oh, and there's all that art, too. Anyway, last Thursday was the first of many big-fall-openings nights of the new season, and here are three of the biggest crowd-pleasers that I managed to get to during the evening

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Dirt Candy: Amanda Cohen’s Vegetarian Heaven Coming Soon to Allen Street

A busy waitress tending to tables in the vegetarian East Village hotspot, Dirt Candy.

For more than five years now, Chef Amanda Cohen has been doing magical things with vegetables in her tiny East Village restaurant, Dirt Candy. With across-the-board critical acclaim (including two stars from the Times) and a devoted following packing the place nightly, Cohen's Dirt Candy, which is more than ready for an expansion. "Dirt Candy 2.0" or as she calls it, "Big Candy" will open its spacious new digs on Allen Street in November. 

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Falling for Foliage? Here’s Where To See Fall Colors – In, Out & Around NYC

Landscape photo of the fall foliage and leaf changing colors next to the Hudson River

We're approaching that time of year again; the time to marvel at the glorious colors of the Garden's trees: red, gold, burgundy, orange, and every shade in between. However, leaf peeping is not for the faint of heart. Yes, when you totally nail it, hitting the right place at the right time, those sweeping vistas of peak fall foliage can be soul-stirring, life-reaffirming, and truly spectacular. But i know what you're thinking…Summer isn't even over yet. Who's even thinking about "nature's fireworks"?  Well, we are.

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A Complete Guide to NYC Fall Film Festivals

Theater-goers eating food inside a movie theater while watching the screen at the NYC Food Film Festival

 I go out to the movies at least twice a week (which is why I'm such a fan of MoviePass), and my year-end Top 10 list usually includes a mixture of Hollywood blockbusters, off-beat indie flicks, documentaries, and foreign films. So when Film Festival season rolls around each year–which is basically all of fall–I always promise myself that I'll give up new releases for a month or so, and immerse myself in one or several of these more focused screening schedules and see a bunch of things that most likely WON'T be coming soon, or anytime, to a theater near you. Here, then, is a quick overview of some of the numerous film festivals coming to NYC.

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Best NYC Events In September: A Guide from A-to-Z

A group of people dressed in costume at the 2013 DUMBO Arts Festival

Summer's end, as sad as that can feel for some of us, does have its wide, bright, sterling-silver lining. Namely: September! Yes, if there's one thing that's even better than summer in the city, even more jam-packed with great things to see and and do and hear and eat, then it's the start of the NYC fall season. So here's a by-no-means exhaustive A-to-Z list of reasons to be excited for September. And just wait until October, when things REALLY get busy around here!  

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Root & Bone: Bringing Southern Fried to the Lower East Side

An exterior shot of the restaurant root & bone located on 3rd Street & Avenue B

 I find myself eating a lot in the neighborhoods below 14th Street (and, increasingly, in Brooklyn), which is not at all unusual among New Yorkers from every part of town. My latest venture was down to what used to be called Alphabet City but is now really just the East Village – to the newest hotspot, Root & Bone. 

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Word Above the Street: The Water Tank Project is Refreshing the NYC Skyline


Ah, our beautiful NYC water towers. They're iconic. They're ubiquitous, with somewhere around 17,000 of them dotting our skyline. Beginning right now and extending for the next 12 weeks through the fall, more than 100 water towers throughout the city will be covered in art. It's called the Water Tank Project: Word Above the Street, and not only is it just a cool idea for a public art exhibition on a grand scale, there's also a serious purpose at work here.

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Ample Hills Creamery Opens in Gowanus

A chocolate ice cream cone with a scoop of butterscotch pudding ice cream from Ample Hills melts in the Brooklyn sun.

Ample Hills Creamery has been ice-cream-famous in this town ever since they opened that first tiny parlor in Brooklyn's Prospect Heights some four years ago. The cause for much of the rapture, then and now, has been their signature flavor, Salted Crack Caramel–salted caramel ice cream studded with chocolate covered butter crackers–which is every bit as delicious and addictive as the name implies. But locals and self-proclaimed experts of the best ice cream in NYC (ahem, me) quickly realized that pretty much everything Brian Smith, Jackie Cuscuna, and rest of the Ample Hills team churns out is nothing less than sweet, cold, creamy magic. And now, with the opening of the brand-new, two-story, "ice cream paradise" in Gowanus, Ample Hills has once again seriously upped the ante on the city's frozen treat game.    

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