Madison Square Eats: An NYC Food Festival Across from Madison Square Park

Whether we're in the mood for gorging or grazing, the great Madison Square Eats has quickly become one of our favorite fall festivals (see also: one of favorite spring festivals). No surprise, really. Madison Square Eats is centrally located in Worth Square, next to Madison Square Park, in the shadow of the Criterion Building to the north and the Flatiron Building to the south. It's comfortable at this NYC food festival, with plenty of full-sized tables and chairs, all made extra-festive this season by the flowered Marimekko umbrellas and tablecloths, promoting the spanking-new Marimekko store right across Broadway. And of course, you can also bring your food over to the always-pleasant Madison Square Park, right across Fifth Avenue. 

So the Madison Square Eats fall food festival looks great, feels great… and, fortunately, the FOOD part of Mad. Sq. Eats is even more of a success. The line-up of food vendors at Madison Square Eats this fall reads like an all-star roster of New York City sweet and savory delights. The newish Milk Truck is here, for example, slinging some of the best grilled cheese sandwiches in town (we get the one with ham because, you know… it has ham) as well as solid milkshakes. Momofuku Milk Bar has a stand, with its usual assortment of amazing buttery insanity (including their Corn Cookie and Crack Pie), but Nunu Chocolates, specializing in caramels and truffles, is also guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

There's lots more to be excited about while roaming around Madison Square Eats. The world-class Roberta's Pizza has a booth (we can't resist the meaty Speckenwolf pie), as does the crowd-favorite Red Hook Lobster Pound. Calexico will make you tacos stuffed with barbecue, Piccolo has pasta and paninis, Sigmund's their signature pretzel creations, Fatty Snack pork buns, and newcomer Cannibal is getting a lot of attention for the Sloppy Lamb sandwich and, most enticing to us, their Pig's Head Cuban. Pretty much everything meal-like hovers around $10, with sweets going for less. We love it here. In fact, the only bad news about Madison Square Park Eats is that it's almost over! Next Friday the 21st is the Mad. Sq. Eats festival's last day, so we suggest going early and often until then. 

Madison Square Eats details 

The Madison Square Eats fall food festival is located in Worth Square, between Broadway and Fifth Avenue, and 24th and 25th Streets. Mad. Sq. Eats is open daily from 11:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m., from now through NEXT FRIDAY OCTOBER 21. For more information and a complete list of food vendors, please see the Madison Square Park website, here

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