Bill’s Bar and Burger Opens Their Third NYC Location Downtown

New Yorkers walking around on the side walk outside of the new location of Bill's Bar and Burger in downtown NYC

Steve "BR Guest" Hansen opened his first Bill's Bar and Burger back in 2009, in the Meatpacking District, and his second in Rockefeller Center a couple of years ago.

Now, I wouldn't call either neighborhood a frequent dining destination for me, my friends, or my family, but whenever we find ourselves with time to kill and bellies to fill in either place, we invariably wind up at Bill's. And every time the pressed burgers, in all of their iterations, are well-balanced, prepared with care, undeniably delicious. Every time the sides are far better than they need to be. Every time the shakes are thick and sweet and satisfying. 

The Fat Cat Burger off Bill's Bar and Burger menu, which is served on an crunchy English muffin, with a pile of sweet caramelized onion and melted American cheese.

New Location in Marriott Hotel Lobby

And now Bill's Bar and Burger has done it again, with a big, spanking-new watering hole/restaurant in, of all places, the lobby of the Marriott Hotel on West Street. And the "outside" entrance to the new Bill's is across from the 9/11 Memorial line so, as you can imagine, the ratio of tourists to locals is through the roof. But don't let that dissuade, downtown Glenwood residents! After eating at FiDi Bill's Burger the other night, teenager in tow, I can assure you that the quality of food on the crowd-pleasing menu remains remarkably high, and the prices reasonably low. If you're looking for someplace new to bring the crew, put Bill's on the list. 

Bill's Bar and Burger Disco Fries, with thickly cut spuds drowning in brown gravy and studded with cheese curd.

Foodie Heaven: Burgers, Disco Fries, and More!

We stuck to the "secret blend, ground daily" Pat LaFrieda burgers of course, and really enjoyed both of our choices: The Fat Cat, which is served on an crunchy English muffin, with a pile of sweet caramelized onion and melted American cheese; and the can't-miss Bacon and Cheddar. Both are under ten bucks, and both are right up there with the best burgers in town. Side dishes on this night included a plate of nicely gloppy Disco Fries, the thickly cut spuds drowning in brown gravy and studded with cheese curds; and a deftly handled bunch of Grilled Asparagus, which, considering the number of orders the kitchen must be dealing with at any given moment, had been placed under the flames just exactly the right amount of time. On other nights, at other Bill's Burgers, I've happily wolfed down platters of nachos, chicken wings, and every sort of fry they can throw out me. The shakes, too, are totally reliable. 

Grilled Asparagus on the plate of Bill's Bar and Burger restaurant in downtown NYC

More Information: Bill's Bar and Burger

The new Downtown Bill's Bar and Burger is located off the lobby of the Marriott Hotel on West Street, just south of Albany. There's also an entrance on Albany. For more information and a look at the complete menu, visit Bill's Bar and Burger online!

Four people sitting at the checkered table cloth covered table of Bill's Bar and Burger, looking at the menu

Bill's Bar & Burger on Urbanspoon


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