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Running into a yoga practitioner in New York City is like meeting a vegan here: it’s fairly common these days, and bound to happen (seriously, have you seen all the great vegan food trucks popping up lately?). At some point, many of us get caught up in the hustle and bustle of New York City, and end up looking for ways to relieve stress. Some find yoga to be the best approach, which isn’t surprising. After all, the purpose of yoga is to strengthen our mind and body by managing our (physical and mental) stress.

In fact, yoga has become an alternative workout for many people over the years, since its benefits include weight loss, improved respiration and energy vitality, as well as increased muscle strength. Interested in trying out this health and wellness exercise, or finding a new yoga class? Here are some great yoga studios to visit in the Upper West Side:

Upper West Side Yoga and Wellness – 75B West 85th Street

Welcome to Upper West Side Yoga and Wellness where yoga gurus Stephan W. Kolbert and Ingrid A. Marcroft decided to take their passion for yoga to the next level and open a yoga studio in their own neighborhood. That way, they could live their dream while spending more time as a family, and serve their community.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you’ve been doing yoga, UWS Yoga has classes for all levels and ages! Beginners can learn the art of meditation in Level 1 – Gentle, and mix it up with Pilates-based exercises in Level 1 – Core Strength (great for the abs). You can also challenge yourself in the Open Level classes, which include people from different levels (not recommended for beginners).

Kids as young as 3 years old can understand their bodies, build physical strength, gain self control, and hone their concentration in the fun Kids Classes. If you’re a parent looking for amusing  and educational bonding time with your kids, explore yoga together in the Parent and Child classes!

You can schedule a one-on-one with Stephan or Ingrid Marcroft inside or outside of the studio and expand your knowledge of yoga philosophy. Just send them an e-mail at

In addition, UWS Yoga has workshops and retreats lined up throughout the year, including a Women’s Yoga Retreat in October. Ladies, this is something worth checking out. Who would pass up a relaxing retreat?

As if that’s not enough, the studio also has a space for a far infrared sauna, so you’ll harness the benefits of sun exposure without the UV light damage or extremely hot temperatures.


people doing yoga at NY Loves Yoga in Upper West Side, New York City
Photo: courtesy NY Loves Yoga

NY Loves Yoga – 140 W 83rd Street, Garden Level

We all know New York loves yoga so why not try out a new spot?  NY Loves Yoga offers a variety of classes, workshops, massages and more.

For someone who hasn’t tried yoga, the Beginners’ Starters Pack would definitely come in handy ! Throughout three private/semi private classes, beginner ‘yogis’ will learn important breath techniques and several poses used in most classes. The experienced trainers work with your schedule to book one-on-one time, and you end up with an amazing deal on top of that!

I always like a good massage, so knowing they are nationally certified in Thai Massage makes me a happy camper. If you want to release anxiety or tension, you simply must test out this ancient technique and enjoy 60 minutes of heaven.

Due to popular demand, future and new mothers can now choose from a list of teachers experienced in teaching pre and post natal yoga. In addition, the website features a Self-Care Blog that contains lots of healthy recipes. Clearly, this business seeks to achieve long-lasting, deep customer relationships.

yoga class at naam yoga new york in upper west side
Photo: courtesy Naam Yoga New York

Naam Yoga New York – 141 W 72nd Street

Founded by world-renowned yogi Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, Naam Yoga New York will definitely put you on the right path to self-healing.

For one, you can buy products like Chakra Candles, Essential Oils, Mantra Meditation Music, yoga clothing, and so much more from their boutique shop. You can even learn new poses every month through the Monthly Seed Sound and Pose category on their blog. Want to get the best out of your meditation? There’s your chance!

Furthermore, their healing services do a great number on your mind, body, and soul. Try out the Harmonyum Energy Healing System, Universal Kabbalah Consultation,  Nutrition and Ayuverdic Wellness Consultation, acupuncture, or whatever program you’re most comfortable with. In case Grace Adler is your spirit animal, you might want to test out Kabbalah too.

It gets better: Naam Yoga is giving everyone a chance to become a fantastic Level 1 yoga teacher in just 7 weekends (from March 11-October 16) with their Teacher Training program! All you need is deliberate desire, unwavering commitment, an action plan, and a support system!

Residents of Glenwood’s Hawthorn ParkGrand Tier, The Regent, and The Encore buildings will find Naam Yoga’s location to be pretty convenient.

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YMCA – 5 West 63rd Street

Whether you’re living on the west side or not, you’ll always find a YMCA around the city with the same services as its other locations.

If you take classes at the gym instead of, or with, machine workouts, several of my friends recommend YMCA’s group classes. In fact, the Mind Body classes are perfect for mastering your yoga skills: you can choose anything from Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and Power Yoga to Tai Chi, Pilates, and Will Power & Grace® (the gym’s most popular and effective workout). Now you can warm up with a kickboxing class, then cool down with a much-needed yoga session. Honestly, I’m subscribing to a YMCA membership as soon as my no frills gym membership is up. What about you?


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