Urs Fischer’s Sculptural Pieces at Two Gagosian Galleries in NYC

An image of Urs Fisher sculptural piece at an abandoned Chase bank in NYC

Larry Gagosian's already impressive art empire just got that much bigger, with the opening of two new galleries here in New York City, on both the Upper and Lower East Sides. Granted, the one on Delancey Street is just a pop-up, taking over an abandoned Chase Bank for a couple of months, but the Park Avenue location is, says Gagosian, a permanent addition to the portfolio.

All of which is good news for NYC contemporary art fans, because whatever you might think of the rise of the mega-galleries, there's no denying that Gagosian knows how to put on a good show, and these 20 or so recent sculptures by Swiss artist Urs Fisher are the prefect example of that.

Image of Urs Fischers life size sculptural piece called the Last Supper

Urs Fisher's Last Supper at Gagosian Park Avenue Gallery

At the new Gagosian Park Avenue gallery–which, design-wise, is a little more than a storefront left deliberately raw–Fisher has a single piece, and it's a doozy. Called "Last Supper," the work depicts just that, though in Fischer's version the table is strewn with fast food wrappers and beer cans, and rats clamber amid the decrepitude. The unfinished sculpting gives the whole thing an extremely casual feel and an almost sketch-like look. By the way, although the piece looks like it's made of clay, "last supper" is actually cast in bronze. So much for casual. 

People standing at Gagosian Park Avenue Exhibition admiring Urs Fisher's Last Supper Sculptural piece

Gagosian Takes Over An Abandoned Chase Bank

For the downtown part of the Fischer exhibition, Gagosian fills a Chase branch with sculptures large and small, taking center stage and tucked in among the leftover bank debris. Here's a faceless cat hidden away in a coat closet, a tiny bedroom tableau at what would have been the teller's feet, a huge foot in a room lined with emptied safety deposit boxes. Adding to the abandoned look of the place, Gagosian left the graffiti that covers the front windows intact, and given that there's no real signage out front either, you would never guess that there's an art gallery inside unless you knew to walk in.

The Urs Fischer will be at the Gagosian Park Avenue and the Delancey Street locations through May 8 and May 23, respectively. 

Two young girls standing at the Gagosian gallery for Urs Fisher's foot

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