Upper East Side Gyms: Three Great “Boutique” Workout Spaces

Storefront of Exceed Fitness center in NYC's Upper East Side.

Like just about any neighborhood in Manhattan these days, there are terrific Upper East Side gyms, including big-name brands like Equinox and Reebok, New York Health and Racquet Club and the similarly named New York Sports Club, all with weight rooms and high-tech machines, on-site trainers and classes galore. There's also the great community-oriented programs on the Upper East Side at Asphalt Green, which is especially strong for its organized sports leagues. And, of course, there are the super-convenient fitness centers within the Glenwood Upper East Side Manhattan real estate. BUT, if all of that doesn't get your heart racing and your body tight enough, there are also several first-rate specialty work-out spots that have come to our attention of late, and so we thought we'd pass these locations for Upper East Side fitness along to you. 

Challenging workout with a personal trainer at Exceed Fitness Upper East Side.

For example, the recently opened Exceed Fitness Upper East Side, located on Third Avenue between 83rd and 84th, promises a unique, challenging workout, with classes such as Russian Kettlebell, Functional Fitness ("Our goal is to prepare you for anything life throws at you"), and TRX Suspension Training. Exceed Fitness Upper East Side is an intimate, two-story space with a fitness studio, a monkey bars and ropes area, an indoor sled, balance balls, and cardio equipment. "No regimens, no rows and rows of treadmills, no limits," says Exceed Fitness. They might also add: "no memberships", as Exceed is pay-as-you-go (with multi-visit packages available), so it's definitely low-risk to check out. This is a welcoming, well-equipped place to which you're encouraged to bring your own personal trainer, or, if you're in the market for someone new, they can hook you up with that as well. More info here

Entry of SoulCycle NYC indoor cycling fitness center on the Upper East Side.

Another specialized Upper East Side fitness option (and, as it happens, on the same block as Exceed Fitness, on the corner of Third and 83rd) is SoulCycle NYC, a cool-looking space that focus solely on indoor cycling for an intense, full-body, super-cardio workout. SoulCycle Upper East Side promises inspirational coaching (good), high-energy music (excellent), AND a mental component to your workout. To wit: "by keeping the lights low and riding by candlelight, SoulCycle NYC creates a cardio sanctuary where riders can come to clear their heads." Click here for more information about SoulCycle. And, finally, there's Flywheel NYC, on Third and 67th Street, another indoor cycling spot that offers 45- or 60-minute "rides" on custom engineered bikes, a journey that includes climbs and descents, all while working arms with weighted bars. Flywheel Upper East Side also provides free towels and shoes, and emphasizes their stadium seating, "making every seat in the house a good one" More here.  

Indoor cycling room at Manhattan's SoulCycle fitness center.

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