5 Recommendations for a Unique Valentine’s Day

February 14th is coming, and all the lovebirds anxiously await. However, single people should not be left out, especially those in New York City. What makes this Valentine’s Day more special is that it immediately precedes President’s Day, leaving you with a long weekend full of various activities. Heart-shaped chocolate and restaurants are nice, but why not try some new things? No matter what your relationship status is, check out the below recipe for a legendary Valentine’s Day experience.


Play Any of These Unconventional Romantic Movies (Netflix & Chill)

That’s right, we don’t mean sappy romantic films such as A Walk To RememberThe Notebook, or Serenity! Love comes in all shapes and sizes, and some motion pictures highly utilize this to their advantage. If you want to watch a couple that had a bad breakup and consequently erased each other from their memories, go for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, starring Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey. Aside from winning an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, the film effortlessly blends romance, comedy, drama, and science fiction with a nonlinear narrative. The main characters might have forgotten one another, but you’ll remember this film for years to come.


 In Her Shoes is a hilarious and dramatic portrayal of the bond between two completely different sisters (who wear the same shoe size), played by Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette, and how they reconnect with their grandmother (Shirley MacLaine). Aside from a stellar cast, one of the film’s best features is its realism, particularly when the sisters argue. Although it is lengthy for a ‘dramedy’, the scenes are appropriately paced to showcase the layers of each character.


Another one-of-a-kind romance movie would definitely be the delightful About Time. The plot revolves around Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson), who possesses the gift of time travel (like his father and all the men in his family), and uses it to win the heart of Mary (Rachel McAdams). Cheesy? Don’t be fooled. The main storyline is the friendship between Tim and his father (Bill Nighy), revealed by the latter’s time travel lessons and events following his terminal cancer diagnosis. Nevertheless, the film maintains a light, bittersweet mood while squeezing in a few laughs. For those who consider Sunday a family day, watch this with your folks.


Watch Your Love, Our Musical!

Are you a musical fan in need of a hilarious comedy show? Don’t miss this musical-comedy improv at Littlefield on Saturday, February 13! The talented and witty pair, Rebecca Vigil and Evan Kaufman, select a couple from the crowd and ask them how they fell in love. Then, they use the unusual experiences from the story to produce an impromptu musical performance. Buy your tickets now for $10-12 here!

times-square-viewFeel The Love In Times Square

Whether you’re looking for a new romance, planning to propose to your longtime partner, or simply love witnessing romantic gestures, head over to Times Square, Duffy Square this Sunday in order to see live marriage proposals, vow renewals, and wedding ceremonies! Not to forget, you can kiss in private using the Heart of Hearts kaleidoscopic kissing booths. Finding love in the big city just got easier.


Slow Jam The Night Away

Go back to the good ol’ ’70s on Saturday with this musical event presenting five supreme soul artists: The Stylistics (“You Are Everything,” “Break Up to Make Up,” and “You Make Me Feel Brand New”), Dramatics (“In the Rain” and “Whatcha See is Whatcha Get”), New Birth (“Dream Merchant,” “It’s Been A Long Time,” “I Can Understand It”), Ray, Goodman and Brown (“Special Lady”), and Jobie Thomas’s Enchantment (“Gloria,”“Sunshine” and “It’s You That I Need”). Upper West Side residents who enjoy the powerful and social messages of soul music have to immediately reserve for the 3pm or the 8pm show at The Beacon Theatre. Prices range from $49.50 to $79.50, which is a great deal given the amount and quality of performers!

bloody-valentines-dayHave a Bloody Valentine

Horror fans (or anti-Valentine activists), add Varick Street to your weekend destination! Blood Manor, the city’s leading haunted attraction, is organizing the 2016 Bloody Valentine from Friday until Sunday. Enjoy scaring your friend/sweetheart while walking through the haunted house. You can also trade candy and flowers for bloody hatchets plus gore-stained chainsaws. American Horror Story and The Walking Dead have got nothing on this! Several ticket packages include one black rose in memory of your ill-fated love. Click here to see the event times for each day and purchase your tickets (Tip: Prices are reduced by $5 for both General Admission and RIP Express Entry!).

Which activities will you go with? Answer in the comments below.

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