L.A.’s Family Bookstore Hosts Thirty Days NY


We've never been, but everything we've ever heard about Family bookstore in West Hollywood, we love: the cool parties and events; the commitment to local artists, designers, writers and musicians; the excellent selection of books and related products, whether obscure or known, dyi or big press, graphic or wordy. Now Family brings its indie energy and offbeat sensibility to the big town, New York City, curating a month-long live gallery space in Tribeca. It's called Thirty Days NY, and it is awesome.  



At this refreshingly raw pop-up shop on Franklin Street there's lots of interesting art on the walls, courtesy of such So-Calians as Ed and Deanna Templeton, Ashley Snow Macomber, the Hamburger Eyes guys, and, somewhat bizarrely, Sergio Aragones of MAD marginal fame. There are even more–and even more interesting–books on the tables, all for sale, of course. And, best of all, there are all kinds of shows and workshops going on all month long. 



Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore performed last Saturday, comedians Fred Armisen and Andrew Jeffrey Wright apparently killed on Sunday, and we saw Sean Wilsey (being very funny, with slides, about his recent adventures with NASA) and A.M. Homes (sharing a typically biting short story) a couple of nights ago. Coming up: documentarian and music-vid master Lance Bangs shows some Super-8 films; fashion photographer Time Barber hosts something called "Mystery Night"; and–personal favorite–illustrator and author of the amazing Maus series Art Speigelman discusses stuff with experimental filmmaker Ken Jacobs.   



Thirty Days NY Details 

Thirty Days NY is located in Tribeca on Franklin Street between Broadway and Church Street, and will be open every day from 12:00 noon until 9:00 p.m. from now through Friday, May 7. Special events start around 7:00 p.m., and are free. Coffee and treat alert: there's a Billy's Bakery right across the street. For more information and a look at all upcoming events, please see the Thirty Days NY website.     


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