The Standard Hotel NYC: New York Hot Spots with Cool Views

View from the Standard Hotel rooftop bar in New York on a clear sunny day.

The restaurants, bars and clubs of the Standard Hotel NYC, which straddles the High Line in the Meatpacking District, are about as fabulously trendy as you'd expect, given its location; it's of-the-moment design (sleek, shiny, AND retro), and its reputation, both here and in Los Angeles, as being a celebrity magnet. But none of that should dissuade you from going up for an early drink and a snack this summer at the Standard Hotel Rooftop Bar, which features goofily appealing decor (love those giant, circular, pink "waterbeds"!), and one of the most spectacular views you'll ever see of downtown Manhattan. Especially while eating a Nutella crepe. 

Customers lounging and cavorting as a waiter delivers drinks at the Standard Hotel rooftop bar in NYC.

The view from the rooftop bar with the Manhattan skyline behind it at the Standard Hotel in New York.

The Standard Hotel NYC Roof Bar is sometimes called the Standard Hotel Rooftop or, and officially, the roof deck at Le Bain, which is what the name of OTHER club on the 18th floor, as opposed to the even more celebrity-drenched Top of The Standard. It's a little confusing, and so it can be a little intimidating (or, at least, off-putting), but here's what you do: enter the Standard Hotel through the main lobby, on 13th Street, right through the yellow doors; go to the elevator bank in the rear, to the left of the desk, and hit 18; ask the exceptionally professional and surprising friendly hostess and/or bouncer how to get to the rooftop bar. It's one flight up, just past the indoor pool. 

The crepes shack at the Standard Hotel rooftop bar in NYC with customers enjoying the outdoor seating.

A view inside the Creperie shack with Nutella filled shelves at the Standard Hotel rooftop bar in NY.

Once you get up to the Standard Hotel Rooftop Bar, you can be forgiven for gawking. On a clear day (or night), the view is incredible, hindered not at all by the safety wall made from clean, clear plexiglass. The floor is artificial turf, the seating is all super-loungey, the waitstaff dressed in tennis gear. There's a hot tub, towels, a vending machine that sells sunglasses and swim gear, and an outdoor shower, if you're so inclined (we were not). And new this summer at the Standard Hotel Roof Bar is a Creperie shack that serves sweet and savory snacks. We've had the Mortadella and Fontina, the Salmon and Sour Cream, and Dulce de Leche with Strawberries, and all three were totally satisfying. 

A stunniing view of lower Manhattan from the rooftop bar at the Standard Hotel in New York City.

Obviously the Standard Hotel NYC rooftop bar is not a place we'd frequent, and wouldn't even attempt to "get in" after, say, 9:00 or 10:00. But we've had a blast up there the couple of times we've been, and the Standard Hotel roof makes for a great post-High Line adventure with your friends or, even better, an excellent spot to bring out-of-town guests, especially if there are teenagers in tow. Oh, and make sure to check out the bathrooms in the main club area.  


The Standard Hotel NYC Roof Bar Details 

The main entrance to the Standard Hotel is located on 13th Street and 10th Avenue; the roof deck is on top if the building. It is open all day and well into the night. For more information on the Standard Hotel NYC, please see their website, here.  


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