The Lobster Place in Chelsea Market; The Best Lobster in NYC

New Yorks inside and outside of The Lobster Place in Chelsea Market

The Lobster Place is one of the original tenants of the great Chelsea Market, and they clearly know a thing or three about fresh fish. The place is always packed, both with locals buying, say, a couple of tuna steaks or tilapia fillets to bring home and cook for dinner, as well as plenty of tourists (and, again, locals) digging in to, for example, one of The Lobster Place's signature, freshly-steamed pound-a-half crustaceans. Heck, we've spotted folks eating these monstrous, meaty lobsters several blocks up on the High Line!

The Raw bar at The Lobster Place in Chelsea Market, filled with a variety of different calms and shelled seafood

Lobster Place Reopened and It's Bigger and Better

However, The Lobster Place crew were clearly not about to rest on their laurels, and this winter they closed for three months to undergo a huge redesign and expansion of their busy space. The grand reopening was a couple of weeks ago, and the results are fantastic. Among the many new delights at the Chelsea Market's Lobster Place is the larger "Shack in the Back" take-out window with a menu of excellent fish sandwiches, including a Oyster Po' Boy, an Ipswich Belly Roll, and a Crab Cake number. 

Server at the Lobster Place in Chelsea Market reaching over to help the customers eating sushi

The Lobster Place and Cull and Pistol in Chelsea

The Lobster Place sushi offerings have been greatly expanded as well, and there's even an omakase-only counter, where you also get sake and beer. The raw bar, with its magnificent selection of oysters and clams, is bigger and more comfortable as well. Basically: there's more of everything, including several communal tables and counters, making eating-in at the Lobster Place a much more viable option. And Cull and Pistol, the Lobster Place's adjacent, full-service restaurant has just opened, with things like an oyster roast, fish tacos, grilled whole fish, and two types of lobster rolls ("Connecticut" and "Maine") on the menu. And, of course, those 1.5 pounders, split-grilled or steamed. Lunch only for now, but dinner is coming soon.

Across the street from The Lobster Place in Chelsea Market is Cull and Pistol, another seafood and lobster place in NYC

Learn More About The Lobster Place and Cull & Pistol

The Lobster Place and Cull and Pistol are located within the Chelsea Market, between 15th and 16th Streets and 9th and 10th Avenues. For more information visit The Lobster Place and Cull and Pistol online!

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