All Eggs Everything. From Sandwiches to Salads -The Egg Shop Shines in Nolita

A patron stands outside of the new restaurant, Egg Shop, located on Elizabeth street in New York City

Does NYC–and, more particularly, does the already wonderfully loaded Elizabeth Street, home to such recent favorites as Black Seed and Farmer's Daughter, as well as old-school charmers like Cafes Habana and Gitane, all within a few blocks of each other–really need another cute, fun, healthy, casual restaurant? Well, that depends… but if it's a good as the spanking-new Egg Shop, the answer is a resounding "yes please, we can handle more delicious things to eat, thanks." Opened late summer in a bright, breezy spot just south of Kenmare, Egg Shop is, as you might have guessed, an egg-focused (egg-obsessed?) cafe that serves these locally-sourced beauties in a dozen different ways from early morning until late at night. Sold!  

Waiters preparing the Egg Shop restaurant on Elizabeth Street

From Sandwiches to Salads – All Egg Everything

I went to Egg Shop for an afternoon snack right when it first opened, and enjoyed myself so much that I returned a few hours later for some dinner. The Egg Shop menu is divided into three sections: sandwiches (self-explanatory); "cruisers" (basically: served in a bowl); and sides, which include the expected–bacon, biscuits, eggs (bonus eggs yay!)–and a welcome surprise, fried chicken. There's a lot of terrific fried chicken floating around the city these days, and the Egg Shop's version measures up nicely, with a well-seasoned, boneless (!) breast offering a solid crunchy/juicy ratio. It's a little pricey at $7 for one piece, but it's big and meaty, and the fried-ness of it goes well with the Egg Shop's more health-conscious offerings.    

A dish known as the spandax cruiser salad served at the Egg Shop on Elizabeth Street in Nolita

How Do You Like Your Eggs? – Any Style, Any Time, Any Day

Like, for example, the "Spandex" bowl… er… "cruiser", which comes with chewy miso quinoa, bitter greens, chunks of avocado, and pickled carrot. And a big fat poached egg. This is a well-balanced salad-y mix, surprisingly satisfying as meal. Especially if you pair it with that fried chicken. As far as Egg Shop sandwiches go, they all sound pretty appealing–there's an avocado smash one, for example; and one with smoked salmon; and another, "The Beast", with pulled pork–but I went with the most basic, the B.E.C. The Bacon here is "blackforest" and crisp, the Egg nice and runny, the Cheese a sharp Shelburne cheddar, topped with sweet tomato jam and pickled jalapeno for some bite. The panini roll holds up well, but things do get messy, as they should it such situations. So now I just need to go back and try some of those other sandwiches. This place will be especially handy for a quick bite and a bit of rest during shopping season in Soho.


For More Information and Egg Shop Menu

The Egg Shop is located on Elizabeth Street just south of Kenmare, and is open daily at 8:00 a.m., until 12:00 midnight on Sunday through Thursday, and until 1:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. Check out the official website for more information, and a look at the complete Egg Shop menu. There's also beer, wine, and cocktails available.

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