10 Room Changers for Springtime

If spring ever actually arrives here in New York City–snow on April 1?, is this a PRANK, Mr. Climate!?–we're ready with our supplies to do some spring cleaning! AND, in keeping with the season's spirit of renewal, we always like to bring a little something new to our home every spring. It doesn't have to be anything big; over the years we've discovered that, with the right addition, it doesn't take much to change the way a room feels. With that in mind, here are ten room changers we've noticed or been reminded of around the internet way these past few weeks, all priced between "very affordable" "sort of affordable", any one of which would go a long way toward giving a bright, fresh start to some of the more tired corners of our home. 

A red poster wotj a white grahic leans up again and old black radiator in an apartment


1. We love all of the prints by the folks at Odd Hero, especially their punctuation mark posters, and the typography ones. In fact, it's super tempting to order, say, three of them–we're leaning toward the ampersand, the asterix, and the question mark–and hanging these room changers all in a row…     


Dominoes artwork on the wall - numbers 12, 5 and 9 make great room changers in the sparse space

2. Hanging a new clock on your wall is also a great quick room changing sprucer-upper. This domino clock by Carbon Design–it's 12:59 in the picture, by the way–is a definite conversation starter. Plus, fun game at parties: see how long it takes for people to notice it's a working clock!    


A red graphic flower design wall clock - this room changer becomes a work of art on a white wall

3. Benza makes lots of fun, unique room changer products for the home, from vases to tableware to lamps and trashcans. But it's the contemporary, energetic Benza wall clocks that have us hooked on this company… that and their nice, reasonable prices.   



An old fashioned trunk at the edge of a bed with white and orange patterned comforter holds books and is a great room changer

4. If you have something a bit more vintage-y in mind, we spotted this clever DIY project on Design Sponge, in which you turn a lovely old suitcase into a classy, low table (with storage!).  


Room changing sheets spruce up this bed with orange, pink, blue and green boxes outlined with white

5. Giving your bedroom a new look is easy with room changers: a new duvet cover, new shams (or pillow cases), done. There are tons of great designs out there, obviously, but our favorites tend to come from the geniuses at Dwell Design, or, pictured, Area Home. Or: Marimekko, now at the Crate and Barrel on Houston and Broadway. Or, heck, even IKEA usually has lots of good designs.   



A young girl sits on a pink and orange flowered bean chair

6. Speaking of, this chunky Marimekko Fatboy–in either regular or "junior" size–is an excellent-looking reboot of the classic beanbag chair. We've heard mixed reports as to their functionality (cozy and comfy! too slippy to sit!), but there's no question that these are instant bedroom room changing brighteners. 

Funky stools in white with colorful trim cut up the center - very elegant room changers for any apartment

7. We fell instantly in love with these lovely white porcelain containers from Kahler, brilliantly brightened by the addition of a simple, colored rubber band. We want to get three or four, in different sizes, and line them up in our bathroom. 


A unique coat rack features a red ball in the center with sticks of wood at the top and bottom for a delicate balanced room changer

8. Here's another terrific, minimalist design deftly brightened by a burst of color. Really, the only downside to Tamawa's coat rack is that we wouldn't want to cover it up with coats! (Hat rack, maybe?)



A mock-up of a see through glass toaster over with a piece of bread toasted perfectly

9. And then there's the transparent toaster from Design-Milk, which would not only look amazingly cool in our kitchen, but would also ensure that we got our bagels exactly right every time. Only problem? They can't get the glass hot enough, so this room changing product doesn't exist. Yet.  


Colorful stools contrast complimentary colors and stack for convenience

10. Finally, we've been fans of the Australian outfit Luxxbox for a while now (their Stak bookshelf look great, IS perfect, for small rooms), but it's these terrific little mix-n-match Tingle stools, boldly colored "like a fizzing lolly", that currently have our attention. 

Let us know what other, really want it badly, room changer finds you have your eyes on.


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