5 Flowers To Grow In Your Apartment This Spring

With spring just around the corner and sunny, usually warm days we have been experiencing, it is a great idea to warm up your Glenwood apartment with some flowers! While you can walk to your local flower mart to pick some beautiful arrangements up, it is also just as fun to plant your own! Keep reading to find 5 flowers that will thrive in your windowsill this spring!

peace lily flower on a white background

Peace Lily

If you are looking for a beautiful, low maintenance plant, look no further! Peace Lily can live in the shade and be watered once a week! Please be aware that placing pots directly on your wood floor will likely warp and damage the floor! Instead, try to place your pots on elevated surfaces, or risers! Please be aware lilies are very toxic to pets- be sure to always check what flowers you can have around your pets!

Flowering Maple

This plant gets its name from the shape of its leaves! It takes up a bit more space than a traditional potted flower, but it is beautiful! It likes the sun but requires on 1x a week watering!


These flowers are beautiful coming in a variety of colors with beautiful petals. They do require a bit more care as they like to remain moist! So sprinkle them with water daily in addition to a heavier watering weekly!

Potted African Violet (Saintpaulia) on the background of cactus, houseplants

African Violet

The African violet is a delicate flower that will do well on your windowsill. They only need a spray to keep them moist, and they can live for many years!

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pink flowers and greenery with a white background

Scented Geranium

Whether you prefer flowers that smell sweet like roses or prefer a fresh minty aroma, geraniums have you covered! They are also very easy to take care of and only need to be water 1x a week.

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