Ten Great Stores Below 14th Street in NYC Part One


Strand Bookstore NYC

This legendary "home of 18 miles of books" not only has a peerless collection of hard-to-find titles in subjects like philosophy, graphic design, religion and dozens more… not only is it the possibly the biggest and best used book store in NYC ever, with impossibly cheap books in every category imaginable… but the Strand also offers the biggest discounts in town on all new releases, both hardcover and paperback. Perfect. On the corner of 12th Street and Broadway.   


Mxyplyzyk NYC

For years, this West Village in NYC store has been our go-to spot for gifts for… well, for just about everyone: family, loved ones, children, acquaintances, and, most especially, for ourselves! Mxyplyzyk is small, but the excellently curated collection of designy housewares and toys and office accessories and bags and watches and books and glassware and on and on has something–and something perfect–for everyone. On Greenwich Avenue between Horatio and Jane.  


YoYaMart NYC

Kid Robot may have a bigger collection of vinyl collectibles, but YoyaMart’s expertly-selected collection of vinyl toys, as well as their super-cool children’s clothing (including shoes), kid’s-room accessories, street-art books AND extremely friendly and helpful workers make this sleek shop one of our regular pop-by spots whenever we’re in the neighborhood. On Gansevoort between Hudson and 13th Street.  


Uniqlo NYC

Sure, in Japan these may be as ubiquitous as Gap, but the only Uniqlo clothing store in the entire Western Hemisphere is right here in Soho NY, perfect for us to take advantage and stock up on stylish (but not too), well-constructed, unbelievably inexpensive basics, from sweaters, "business-casual" shirts, and polos to jeans, socks and trendy graphic tees. The consensus seems to be that the men’s lines are consistently more appealing (or, at least, more grown-up) than the women’s, but this three-story, bright and lively space is well worth a visit or four. On Broadway between Prince and Spring.     


Droog NYC

As much an exhibition of astonishingly clever and creative furniture design as an actual store, the Droog outlet in Soho NY brings together many of that design collective’s greatest hits and new ideas under one roof. Yes, you can buy everything here–had we a big enough space and bank account, we’d get the log bench, and one of those crazy complex shelving units, and, heck, throw in the rabbit rug, too–including pieces of the fabulous interior which can then be custom built for your home. But even if you’re not shopping for, say, a table, it’s totally worth a visit just to browse. On Greene between Broome and Wooster.     

Stop in next week for Part Two, and five more great New York City stores!  

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