Tekserve Recycling in NYC: Terrific FREE Event, THIS SATURDAY, April 16

Event flyer for Tekserve recycling with a 1950's styled woman holding a green recycling t-shirt on a brown background

Do you have a drawer at home filled with old cell phones and iPods, some of which you haven't used (or haven't worked) in years? How about those tangles of chargers and cables that plug into who-knows-what anymore? And then there are those sad victims of your home entertainment upgrades, the outdated iMacs, monitors, and printers, the TVs and DVD players, collecting dust in the closet, or, more likely, getting in the way in some corner of your room… wouldn't it be nice to get rid of all of that stuff? And wouldn't it be even nicer to get rid of it all in both a socially and ecologically responsible way?  Tekserve recycling in NYC is the answer…


A drawer filled with cables, wires, plugs, looks like a mess that could be solved with Tekserve recycling in NYC

Tekserve recycling, for many reasons one of our favorite computer and electronic stores in town, not least of which being their FREE quarterly eWaste Recycling Events, including one THIS COMING SATURDAY, April 16, anytime between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Since they launched their eWaste Recycling Events in 2007, Tekserve has helped New Yorkers dispose of nearly 250 TONS of old electronic equipment, and all in eminently responsible fashion. 

Inside Tekserve recycling in New York full to the brime with computers, electronics, wires, plugs stacked and piled

Why is any of this important? Why not just throw your old cell phone in with your banana peels and coffee grounds and be done with it? For one, it's been shown that up to 70% of all the toxins found in landfills come directly from consumer electronics. That's why the Tekserve eWaste Recycling Events have a strictly no-landfill policy: 100% of your donated products is broken down into component materials and then reused to make new products. And everything you contribute stays in this country, rather than be dumped for stripping (in often less-than-healthy conditions) overseas. 

Outside Tekserve in NYC with computers and boxes and trucks full of recycling materials fill the street

Tekserve will accept most any sort of consumer electronics, from computers and televisions and monitors, to fax machines, printers and copiers, to phones, cameras and MP3 players (NOT being accepted: home appliances, air conditioners, microwaves, stoves, refrigerators… nor can Tekserve handle bulk drop-offs from businesses). There is NO CHARGE for any recycling, of any of your products. It's all absolutely FREE.  And just to make the whole day a little more festive, Tekserve is raffling off a MacBook Air, offering special one-day-only deals on iPods, and giving away I [recycle] NY shirts, while they last. 

Exterior view of Tekserve in big green lettering with recycling in the windows

The Tekserve Recycling in NYC Event Details 

Tekserve's eWaste Recycling Event is going on this Saturday in NYC, April 16, from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Tekserve is located on West 23rd Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenues. For lots more information about everything, please see the Tekserve website.    

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