NYC Cozy Wintertime Restaurants

New York City becomes magical during the winter with all of the holiday lights adorning trees, street lights, and buildings. Some restaurants even transform their décor to create a perfect winter ambiance. If you want to find a unique winter oasis with great food and spirited drinks, keep on reading! Below, we have noted some of the best restaurants that embrace this wintertime spirit easy to reach from Glenwood buildings whether you are uptown or downtown.

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Tabata Noodle Ramen: First-Rate Asian Food in Midtown

Best ramen dish in NYC at Tabata Noodles in Midtown.

There's never a bad time to eat a big bowl of first-rate ramen as far as we're considered. Heck, one of our favorite ramen bowls last summer was at Midtown Manhattan's Totto Ramen, on one of those miserable muggy evenings, when the last thing in the world you want to do is to pour hot broth into your belly… unless said the hot broth in Asian cuisine tastes really, really good. Anyway, that said, clearly the best time of year to sit down and slurp your way through a steaming bowl of thick noodle soup is right now, so it's good to know that Tabata Noodle Raman exists, and, more important, that it is excellent.  

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